Movie night – ‘Almanya’

This time we met at my place and watched a German film (in German with German subtitles) called Almanya. The film is about a Turkish family immigrated to Germany and was chosen to our movie night, since this is a topical issue and for both of us Krystian and me to learn by hearing. It was an interesting and easy to follow movie, with humoristic grip to important topics. It was also great to see how much I actually understood about the heard/written German and by putting the subtitles I think some of the words/ways to build sentences will really be remembered. After the movie we also went through some Finnish verbs since Lisa was going to have her Finnish test in the following day and also to make the meeting more multilingual.

Movie snacks

Some new German words learnt:

  • Beerdigung = funeral
  • Sarg = coffin
  • Grab = grave
  • Decke = blanket (I only thought it meant the ceiling)



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