Meeting #9 Koningsdag

Date: Sunday, 22 November 2015

While cooking dinner together, we wanted to talk about cultural highlights like festivals and national holidays. Luuk immediately began to speak about his favorite event, the King’s Day.

King’s Day is the biggest national event in Holland. By this occasion, the Dutch celebrate the birthday of the king, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, on 27 April every year. Everything turns and everyone dresses orange and celebrates at this date. There are a lot of music shows and parties throughout the country.

Eindhoven during king’s day

Amsterdam is transformed into the biggest party town and in Luuk’s home city Utrecht takes a huge flea market place. He usually prepares a big dinner together with his friends and flatmates and goes partying throughout the whole night. Also they dress like weird, but keep always something in orange.

It was very funny to hear “again” that almost the whole country appears in orange at this day. I knew it already from the football games of the Dutch national team, that all the spectators are dressed in orange. But even Luuk didn’t know why, since the “official” colors in the Dutch flag are red, white and blue. By doing some research we found out, that orange was always the main color of royal house of oranje-nassau.

So once again, Luuk and I led very good discussions about his origin, when also he learned something!

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