The 10th meeting: Finnish – Russian

Once again I got homework in “Finnish language for foreigners” course. It was individual work and I have to read 3 page article about different kind of wells and should write about it review and make power point presentation. After my vain attempts to understand the meaning of article, I’ve decided that should change the material, because this one was really hard for me. I noticed about my problem the techer and told about our wonderfull course, so I could get help from Emma. Fortunately Emma said that no problem and together we will make an excellent review and it will be a base for my presentation.

No sooner said than done!

Tellervon kaivo

Now I know quite much about wells and other water supply systems, in addition to this improve my finnish language skills and knowledge about Finnish history, especially about presidents.

P.S. Also wanted to appload my PP Presentation, but got this message: Kaivot (1).odpSorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons. It was sent to You by email.


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