Time to say goodbye

After meeting from September, our each one teach one finally came to an en9bc32532c0cf482a5d730bb32d33b80fd.

I never believe time really flies fast. We have a wrap session to see what do we learn on each other, and also reflection time for myself of exchange semester.

I am sure we have better understanding on each on culture perspective. For example, how the cusine in Russia and Czech. Break a lot of sterotype between country. I think I can do better is spend more time with these two amazing ladies; I was quite busy with my school work, organisation work and travel. I wish I could share more about myself to them.

I think they become my chosen family one of the crucial memory of my exchange semester in Finland.

Hope to see you all soon! All the Best! 🙂 12274585_10206869054556247_3738742111201427717_n

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