My 10th meeting

Date: 11.30

Place: Library

Language: Finnish

There were just 3 of us there that day. At the beginning, we went through the week days. They are “Maanantai”, “Tiistai”, “Keskiviikko”, “Torstai”, “Peryantai”, “Lauantai”, and “Sunnuntai”. Some of them are quite similar with English, such as “Tiistai”, “Torstai” and “Sunnuntai”, which makes them easier to remember. Besides, wednesday “Keskiviikko” is also eazy to remember, because “keske” means middle, “viiko” is week. So the middle of the week, is wednesday.


After teaching the week days, Maria asked if there’s anything else that we are interested in and want to learn? I mentioned order something in the restaurant. So we learned these:IMG_20151201_212723

Of course the sentence “Saisinko oluen” was a good example to teach. We can start our order with the word “saisinko”. And oluen means beer. Normally the waiter would ask”Tolleeko muuta?” It means Anything else? We can say “”Ei, kittos”, which means “No, thank you”. This is so helpful.

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