Meeting #8 of EOTO

Group members: Changhyun Kwak, Elisa Pekkola, Fabian Binkert
Meeting date:  2nd of December
Place: Elisas place, Tampere

We had some talking about christmas. In Finland it is not a tradition to stay up until midnight. The president declares the christmas peace at midday. The Finnish christmas table starts with rice porridge in the morning. One almond is hidden in the rice porridge. The person who finds it will be rewarded in some way. During the daytime Finnish people go to Sauna. Around 74% are lutheran christians, 1.1% orthodox, 1.6% others and the rest don’t belong to any church.

In Switzerland we start eating cheese fondue at 6p.m. and we hand over presents around 8-9p.m. The persons with a believe they are praying, singing and having a ceremony before you hand over the presents. Furthermore, you think about the relations who past away. At 10p.m. the people go to church for the so called midnight mass.

In Korea there is also a ceremony for the catholic people. There are no typical dishes that are served. However, couples really like to celebrate it. Around 38% are catholic, 18% are Buddhism and the rest don’t belong to a church.

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