5th meeting : Learning Ukrainian language


 In the 5th meeting(held on 5.11), I wanted to learn Ukrainian language because Olha and Inga are Ukrainian. Besides I knew that lots of Russian letters and Ukrainian letters are common so I thought it could be easy to learn.

і[i] ї[ji] ґ[g] є[je] : There are characteristic Ukrainian letters.

е[e] г[h] : These letters look similar to Russian letters but have different sound.

I also wanted to learn some simple sentences I can use.

Привіт : Hello (to friends)

Добрий день : Good afternoon

Як справи : How are you?

Добре : good

А у тебе? : and you?

Надобраніч : Good night

Ти гарна : You’re beautiful

Я сунувала за тобою : I missed you

З днем народжєння : Happy birthday

Я кохаю тебею : I love you

Дякую : Thank you

Будь ласка : You’re welcome / please

Бувай : bye

Це смачно : It’s delicious

Дужє : very

Що? : what?

To be honest, it was more difficult than I thought. I thought it would be easy because now I know how to pronounce all those Russian letters but actually I can’t connect the letters and pronunciations very fast so sometimes it made me confused.

Everytime when I pronounce wrong way Olha corrected me so at the end of the class I could pronounce them correctly.

After this class I started to say ‘Дякую.’ to Olha instead of ‘Thank you.’!

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