8th meeting : Korean Drinking Games

The 8th meeting was held on 26th Nov, and this time was for Korean culture!

Bomee and I decided to teach some Korean drinking games to Inga&Olha.

In our country, it is really common thing that drink with whom we first met in university.

For breaking the ice more easily, we have several games while we are drinking, so that’s why their names are so called ‘Drinking Games’. We taught them very basic, popular drinking games and play it together.

In these drinking games, losers have to drink a glass of ‘soju’ which is very common Korean alcohol, as more information its taste is more or less like Vodka, but very mild. Lots of people think it is really weird that losers have to drink some alcohol, but these games turn very fast and the purpose of them is making people REALLY DRUNK. (Sounds like we are kinda evil people ahaha)

While losers are drinking, other people sing a short song for them and losers have to finish their drink before song ends. If they cannot, they have to drink another one haha. So Bomee and I also taught some of those kinds of songs to girls.

We also introduced some popular mixed drink in Korea, for example soju + beer, soju+beer+cola, makgeolli+sprite, makgeolli+drinking yogurt.

If they will go their exchange program to Korea, I’m 100% sure that they will have this kind of drinking party. I really hope these things will help them!


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