Beautiful Pyynikki – 7th meeting

For our 7th meeting on November 30th it was time to visit the lovely area of Pyynikki and, most of all, the Pyynikin Munkkikahvila and the Pyynikki sight tower. It happened to be so that it had recently snowed and we got to enjoy the wintery scene and atmosphere in the perfect surroundings. Since it felt a bit like Christmas on those few snowy days we decided to go over some Christmas related words.

I taught Fabian and Chen the words for ginger bread cookies, Santa Claus, snow and how to say it is cold. On exchange I learned the same words in German in addition with Merry Christmas! – Frohe Weihnachten! As I was teaching it was interesting for me to notice that many Christmas related words in Finnish have the word joulu (Christmas) in them. Maybe that is explanatory by the fact that Christmas is a great celebration in Finland (compared to South-Korea) and many things connected to Christmas are not visible at any other time of the year. However this is just my narrow interpretation. When Fabian taught the spelling for a word such as Weihcnachten it was difficult for me to understand why there is a letter h in the beginning of the word. I found similarities in many German words. The h is often silent and it is necessary to learn where to add it.

Munkkikahvila Pyynikki

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