Christmas theme continues – 8th meeting

Since Christmas is very close to my heart, and usually a subject that touches people in one way or another – we continued the subject on our 8th meeting December 2nd at my place.

I told Fabian an Chen about our many Christmas Eve traditions. How the President declares the Christmas peace in Helsinki, traditional breakfast and dinner dishes and of course the Christmas sauna. Related to this Fabian and Chen found it surprising that many apartments in Finland have their private sauna at home, now just the one in the building for everyone. We truly love our saunas! Additionally I explained the early Christmas Day church, a tradition to many people even without heavy religious meaning to it.

I was surprised to learn that in Korea celebrating Christmas is not necessary common but is is a holiday usually celebrated by couples – like Valentines Day! However Switzerland is also a Christmas celebrating country and learned that it is a tradition to go to a mass on Christmas Eve at midnight. And also during the Eve it is traditional to read texts from the Bible and say prayers. For me it seems like in Switzerland the meaning of Christmas is still highly correlated to religion and compared to this Finnish Christmas celebration might seem to be all about gifts and overeating. The conversation gave me the sparkle to keep in mind the art of moderation in celebrating Christmas this year.



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