Lunch meeting – 9th meeting

On December 4th we had lunch at TAMK and talked a bit about New Year and went through some additional Christmas related words.

I taught the words for New Year (Uusi Vuosi), Merry Christmas! (Hyvää Joulua!), Christmas carol (joululaulu) and rice porridge (riisipuuro). I told there will be Christmas caroling at TAMK before the holidays and also a rice porridge -breakfast will be served on the 15th. In the words I taught the frequency of compound words could again be seen.

Fabian taught us the words for snow (Schnee), chocolate (Schokolade), New Years Eve (Neujahresfeier) and white beard (weisser Bart). Although not a new thing to me it was a good reminder that in German nouns begin with a capital letter. I was surprised to learn that New Years Eve is a compound word in German since I don’t find it as common for German than for Finnish.


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