Christmas baking – 10th post

Final EOTO meeting was at hand 5th of December and it was the perfect time to do some Christmas baking. We made a traditional Finnish Christmas baked good called joulutorttu, a Christmas tartlet. A leafy buttery dough is shaped as a star (or whatever shape you can make of it) and a spoonful of plum preserve is placed on top. They are baked in the oven until golden brown and crispy. The results might not have been the prettiest ones but Fabian, Chen and I found them delicious – accompanied with a traditional Christmas drink glögi.

I learned that in Switzerland there is a similar drink, Glühwein, served on Christmas. On the word Glühwein there is again present the letter h that is silent. At this point I have some idea of where the silent h is present and where not.


I also served assorted chocolates from Panda, which are very sweet but typical to serve during Christmas holidays and give as a present. I learned that in Switzerland a chocolate brand called Cailler was found in 1819 and it is the oldest Swiss chocolate brand in history. A chocolate brand called Lindt was familiar to me from before, also Swiss.


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