The ninth meeting

23/11/2015                                                                                                                                    TAMK

We had a Finnish class on that day. We met at Library and had one hour meeting together and Maria borrowed a Finnish test book. We studied the lesson 1 and lesson 2. It was funny class.

We studied some commonly used verbs and useful. This is we studied some daily expressions on that class.

Tulla is to come and when it comes with hän, it will change into tulee. Write is kirjoit. it will change kirjoitetaan, passive form. Etunimi is first name, Suku is family and sukunimi is family name.

Täällä = here, sitten = after then.

nauravat = laugh, puistossa =in park.

istuvat = sit, opiskelijat = students.

muut = others, ostavät = buy.

kioskille = convenience store.

I made some sentences with the help of Maria:

Mina syon omenaa ja myos banaania.

I eat apple and also banana.

And after that, we learnt the name of each month in Finnish, it is a little bit hard for me.

Tammikuu = January

Helmikuu = February

Madiskuu = March


In this class, I learnt how to say today, tomorrow, and the names of months, and some useful verbs as well. Overall, we studied some expressions about time. Next time, I think it could be better for us to learn how to express time.

Maria is a definitely a good Finnish teacher, we are lucky, thanks her a lot.IMG_20151206_154617 IMG_20151206_154645


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