The fourth meeting

We continue our fourth each one teach one lesson today in the library of TAMK. And I would say I have got an extensive and in-depth understanding of Finnish step by step. So far I have generated a keen interest about learning Finnish. I really learned a lot today. Up to now, I have acquire one to ten in Finnish, and also the weekdays and weekends, even the months in Finish. And I realized there are many rules which can simply help us to remember those words. Besides this, we communicated more other things with each other. He had introduced many beautiful scenery to me, and also, he introduced some swimming pools in Tampere, and I am going to try them this weekend. Here are some contents I learned from my partner Rulis.


After that, in return, I also taught something like numbers, weeks and months to him, and I should say these are much more easier than the contents he has learned over the past few times. Because there indeed are a lot of knowhow to help him to remember those words. Here is also something I taught him:


To be honest, I really like this course in which I can have a lot of opportunities to communicate more with others, make new friends, and more importantly, I can experience different culture here. That’s pretty amazing.

Actually, I have found a problem that I have forgot some of words I have learned, so maybe we need to set up some review time in our learning plan to make up for this problem.

Well, I think this lesson is generally adhere to my original plan of this course, even though there is some difficulties in this process, I have every confidence to make it.

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