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Finnish food and Language

We meet up and had some typical finnish dishes. I discovered while the food is not so bad, I definitely going to stay away from the alcohol. Our fins showed us Salmiakki Vodka and I must say I am really not impressed. It is definitely a defined taste and definitely not mine.

Apart from that we tried a lot of pastries and they were really good.

After that we did some finnish grammar and words and I must say it is more difficult then firstly expected. I cant seem to get the words out of my mouth, as I am trying to read the long words I start to stumble over every syllable. But it was fun trying. All in all we had an wonderful evening.

The fourth meeting

We continue our fourth each one teach one lesson today in the library of TAMK. And I would say I have got an extensive and in-depth understanding of Finnish step by step. So far I have generated a keen interest about learning Finnish. I really learned a lot today. Up to now, I have acquire one to ten in Finnish, and also the weekdays and weekends, even the months in Finish. And I realized there are many rules which can simply help us to remember those words. Besides this, we communicated more other things with each other. He had introduced many beautiful scenery to me, and also, he introduced some swimming pools in Tampere, and I am going to try them this weekend. Here are some contents I learned from my partner Rulis.


After that, in return, I also taught something like numbers, weeks and months to him, and I should say these are much more easier than the contents he has learned over the past few times. Because there indeed are a lot of knowhow to help him to remember those words. Here is also something I taught him:


To be honest, I really like this course in which I can have a lot of opportunities to communicate more with others, make new friends, and more importantly, I can experience different culture here. That’s pretty amazing.

Actually, I have found a problem that I have forgot some of words I have learned, so maybe we need to set up some review time in our learning plan to make up for this problem.

Well, I think this lesson is generally adhere to my original plan of this course, even though there is some difficulties in this process, I have every confidence to make it.

The third meeting: Amazing Food party

We have a pretty unforgettable experience for the each one teach one lesson in my apartment tonight. Firstly, I teach my partner Rulis some basic sentences in our daily life. Now, he was able to introduce himself in Chinese, and I would say he is pretty good at learning Chinese. And I will show you what he had learned this lesson in the picture.


Then we hold a extremely nice party in my apartment. And I made some traditional Chinese food by myself for him, and had explained the ingredients and the procedures to him. I invited a lot of my friends to participate in it and we had a pretty long talk with each other with the topic ranging from Chinese food culture to Chinese tea culture, and then to Turkish culture. Everybody was pretty happy that day.


Personally, I really got a lot from this party-like learning method, we had a deeper understanding with each other, and also, we have known many cultures related to China, Finnish, and Turkey, which really an amazing experience.

Apart from that, as for something that has not be achieved in this lesson, I think there nothing, Because everything this time is pretty nice, so we have had an appointment that we will hold a party like this again in my partner’s house next time.

Additionally, I think this lesson is completely adhere to my original plan, because alphabet is the basis if I want to acquire Finnish pretty well.


The second meeting: daily words

On Sunday, we met at TAMK library,. I really learned a lot this day. Because of alphabets learning of Finnish last week, it seems that learning process of Finnish is much easier, therefore my partner Rulis taught me a lot this time. From this lesson, I have got how to introduce myself simply in Finnish. Here is a brief introduction of myself in Finnish:


And also, I learned some words of Personal Pronoun:


Besides, I have acquire almost all the name of vegetables in Finnish, which is pretty convenient for to lead a life in Finland.


Actually, I extremely like this approach to learn something in a group, and I have become more and more enjoyable in this process, from which I have become much more active to communicate with others, and have known many things out of school. So I am pretty happy to have this opportunity.

Regrettably, my partner said that it is extraordinarily difficult to remember all those pronunciation of Chinese alphabets, so I need to come up with a more special way to help him acquire them.

Well, I think this lesson is adhere to my original plan of this course, even though there is some difficulties in this process, I have every confidence to make it.

City Derby

Today we had our tenth meeting. We went to the Jäähalli and watched the icehockey game between Tappara and Ilves, the two local teams. The best game in the whole season (said the commentator before the game). IcehockeyThe atmosphere was great. The first third ended with no goals, but in the second Ilves made two goals. In the end of the second third Tappara made also a goal, so it was only 1:2. We sat in the fanblock of Tappara, so the people there were really sad. In the last third it seemed that Ilves would win. But 2 minutes before the end Tappara equalized. The fans celebrated this loudly. And just 5 seconds before the end Tappara made another goal and so they won with 3:2! It was a really exciting game!


Meeting #10: Icehockey rocks

IMG_1092Today Sabrina, Sora and her friend and me were at the Jäähalli to watch the Liiga Game of Tappara against Ilves. It was my first ice hockey game and I did not know anything about the rules and I therefore didn’t a clue which team I should support. Thanks to Sora and her friend Tappara has two new fanclub members now 😀  Because I am Tapparafan since two hours I am really happy that they won 3:2 after a very exciting match and a goal in the last 5 seconds 🙂

Even though football is more popular in Germany I think ice hockey is much faster and much more exciting (when you know which team you are about supporting of course ;))

This is my last entry and I really liked to participate in EOTO because I learnt a lot of new things and I got to know really nice people. <3

The first meeting: Finnish alphates learning

Today, I started this course in the library with my partner Rulis. Actually, this is my first time that I have learned Finnish. Because of the conflict of the courses I have selected in winhha, I have to delete the course basics of Finnish regretfully, so I pretty appreciate that this course can give me an opportunity again to learn Finnish. In this lesson, my partner Rulis taught me the alphabets of Finnish, and I think it is easy for me to remember them. But Rulis told me that may be it will difficult in the following lessons, so I expect to experience them highly.

Firstly, I would like to share the outcomes in my first lesson:


Personally, I have acquired a lot from this lesson, not only those pronunciations of Finnish letters, but also the way to learn something. Actually, learning in a group is really a quite new way for me comparative to the way I used before, in which I indeed got more opportunities to communicate more with others. So I firmly believe that my communication skills will undoubtedly be improved from this of learning.

Apart from that, as for something that has not be achieved in this lesson, I think there nothing, Because in the first lesson, my partner just has taught some basic and simple alphabet for me

Additionally, I think this lesson is completely adhere to my original plan, because alphabet is the basis if I want to acquire Finnish pretty well.

After that, it was my time to impart chinese to my partner. Actually, this is the first time for me to be a teacher, so it is also a challenge for me to teach somebody Chinese. In this lesson, I mainly taught the alphabets of Chinese to my partner Rulis, but it seems that may be it is too difficult for him to acquire all those alphabets in one lesson, so I think I still need to take the next class to practice those alphabets for him.

Here are the Chinese alphabets :


Exactly, I have learned a lot from this lesson, the most important thing is that my communication skills and teaching skills has been annealed in this process, so I extremely appreciate this course to give me a chance to anneal myself. But actually, I indeed found some problems in this lesson that is I need to prepare fully for every lesson, because  Even for me I still forget the pronunciation of some of those alphabets.

Additionally, I think this lesson is completely adhere to my original plan, just as I said in my preliminary plan.

10.Meeting: Plan the “Europe-Seeyouagain-Trip”

Hey guys,

our final meeting was not a normal farewell. We planed to do a Europe Trip with another friend, Luuk Pouwer, to visit each other and really get in touch with the different culture.

The start will be in Munich and it’ll be my part to show them the nice city in Bavaria (included a visit at the Hofbräuhaus and drink ‘a Maß’ of good German beer)

At every stop we have the opportunity to visit friends to meet up again and talk about our great time here in Finland.

After passing Switzerland and Italy we’re heading to Spain with three stops: Barcelona, Madrid and of course the world famous city ‘Irun’ where Iker is from.

The trip will be completed by visiting Paris and Luuk’s hometown in the Netherlands.

If it’s possible we’ll send pictures from this amazing trip.


We hope you enjoyed reading our posts. Thank you for the opportunity to increase our friendship through this course.

Each One Teach One

Iker Alvero & Christoph Winkler

9.Meeting: Tortilla-Party

Hey guys,

today it’s Tortilla-time! We use this opportunity to celebrate the last time with our “MOFO”-group but the mannique has to work in Stockmann and wasn’t able to join us 😀



As you can see, we had a great time and laughed a lot about our unique adventures within the exchange.

Each One Teach One

Iker Alvero & Christoph Winkler

Meeting two: Everyone loves Pokemon


We met at a different café for our first official lesson. Aya showed us some introductory phrases such as “Konichiwa” meaning “Hello” “Ohayo” meaning “Good Morning” and “Genki” meaning “How are you?” We discussed a little about our previous exposures to Japanese culture and it was funny to hear Pokémon mentioned a few times!