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the seventh meeting

I hang out the Tampere city center with Merituuli in seventh meeting.

I really miss her because we haven’t meet each other for around 1 month. she came back to her village to spend Chrismas holiday and New year. she told me finish traditional food in chrismas day.semolina-milk porridge is a common in breakfast,finnish orridges are often eaten with milk, sugar, butter or berry.they eat milk-based rice porridge called riisipuuro, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar in chrismas season. they also eat cinnamon rolls (korvapuustit) -which pulla made into a roll with cinnamon and sugar as desert.Glögi is special drink for chrismas , i really like the taste.

Salmiakki maybe is not chrismas food but i remeber Merituuli send me one piece when the first time we meet,it is a salty black liquorice candy. really strange taste.

then i take her to Asian market, introduce some special food in Asian.

then we come to clothe shop ,she teached me some name of finnish in Finnish


i am really happy to learn more custom about Finland. Expecting the meet next time.


4th meeting – Shopping in Koskikeskus

Our fourth meeting happened in Koskikeskus before Christmas. There we shopped together and talked about Christmas traditions and I showed Qian some popular Finnish products.

Because Christmas is gone, I’m going to tell you about Chinese Spring Festival, which Qian told me about. She told that they don’t celebrate Christmas like we Finns or it’s not so big thing in China. Chinese Spring festival is more like our Christmas and New Year. It’ll be celebrated on 8th February and it’s like Chinese “New Year”. Then they have fireworks, they meet their relatives and usually parents give their kids presents or money.

In Koskikeskus I introduced Qian some Finnish design. We visited Marimekko, which is popular Finnish company founded by Armi Ratia in 1951. Marimekko produces different textiles, such as clothes and curtains. It also produces containers, like mugs and glasses. These products can be recognized by Marimekko’s famous figures. Here’s some Marimekko’s famous design.

20160131_114656 20160131_114713 20160131_114736

I also taught Qian little Finnish. We studied months and colours in Finnish.

January-Tammikuu February-Helmikuu

March-Maaliskuu   April-Huhtikuu

May-Toukokuu    June- Kesäkuu

July-Heinäkuu      August-Elokuu

September-Syyskuu    October-Lokakuu

November-Marraskuu    December-Joulukuu

green-vihreä    blue-sininen

orange-oranssi    yellow-keltainen

purple-violetti     black-musta

white-valkoinen     red-punainen


Then we took mirrorselfie 😉

This was a lovely day!   -Merituuli


Baking night! 10th meeting

The last night before the girls depart from Finland :´( We decided to have a German Finnish baking session at Christine´s and Sabrina´s home. We baked Joulutorttu with plum marmalade and some German cookies and also drank some glögi with rum.

Girls were already prepared the dough of the German cookies earlier. Me and Jaana had change to cut the cookie dough: there were figures like reindeer, stars, hearts, flowers etc. It was almost like baking gingerbread (=pipari, Finnish Christmas cookie).


After baking the dough in oven we decorated the cookies with nomparelli and chocolate. We taught to German girls how to cut the Joulutorttu dough in figure of star and flower. And then we ate! Sooo delicious 😛

Lately we have seen with EOTO friends more frequently. Every time we see it feels more and more easy and natural to speak and communicate in different language. I really liked the course because I got to know to lovely new people and also learned many new things. Thanks to my EOTO friends, I am glad that I got to know you! Happy New Year to everybody!

Icehockey game: Tappara against Ilves ! 9th meeting

Finally! Ice Hockey! I have lived here in Tampere for 4months but I haven’t seen a single one of SM-league ice hockey game yet. Tampere has two local ice hockey teams: Tappara and Ilves. At 16th of December there was a game Tappara against Ilves at the Hakametsä Jäähalli. Me, Christine, Sabrina and my friend went to watch the game together on Wednesday evening.
Of course we cheered for Tappara! It was quite exciting game because the winning goal game only 5 seconds before the end. This was Christine´s first time watching ice hockey game. In German football is way more popular sport than ice hockey. In Finland we love Ice Hockey. I tried to explain what happened during the game: power play, penalty, goal, commercial break, break.. We sat in the fanblock of Tappara so I tried to translate the cheers in English. All in all we had a nice game night! The atmosphere and company was great. And of course, Tappara won the game 3-2 😉


8th meeting: Shopping in Kirppis ! <3

Maybe every girl loves shopping – at least me 😀 This time me, Jaana, Sabrina and Christine decided to shop way more cheaper and we went to shop to Kirpputori. Kirpputori = Kirppis is finnish and it means secondhand shop or flea market. It is place where people can rent a table and sell their used clothes and other stuff. In Tampere there is few good Kirppis like Bonuskirppis, Tarinakirppis, Radiokirppis, Uff etc.. This time we went to Tarinakirppis and Radiokirppis because Christine and Sabrina had not visited there yet.
Sabrina and Christine told that they don’t have the same Kirppis system in German so it was nice to shop here, and they also found a lot of cheap stuff. I bought a couple Christmas present. And I also found a lovely sof toy, it is called Barbapapa, and here is his picture! First it was meant to be a Christmas present but I am wondering if l just keep it myself.. 😀
It was nice just to hang out together and shop with the girls! 🙂


Pre Christmas party; 7th meeting

We had the Pre-Christmas party of Each One Teach One on Wednesday evening 2.12 at Tamko Solu. There wasn´t that much people, maybe 14 people (?). But we were there with some of my EOTO group members. Everybody brought something to eat or drink. I brought there some glögi (mulled wine) and korvapuusti (cinnamon buns). There were also some joulutorttu, chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, chips and some German bread/biscuit(?) which tasted like gingerbread (don’t remember what they were called :D).
It was just nice to chat and eat. It was also convenient opportune to schedule our next EOTO meetings! 😉 We usually set the meetings via doodle or facebook, so like this it was way easier!!! Unfortunately exchange students are finishing up their studies soon here in Finland.. so there is not that much time to meet anymore 🙁
We discussed about their best and weirdest experiences they have faced here in Finland. It was nice to hear that Christine and Sabrina are fond of kirppis shopping (flea market/second hand shop). We have a common “hobby” 😀 So of course, we decided to go shopping next time. I can show them the best places to go 😉 I also asked if there is something they really would like to go or do before they leave – so we are planning to go to watch ice hockey game and to Sauna. 🙂

True Finns-comedy show! 6th meeting

Me, Jaana, Alex, Christine and Sabrina meet each other at the O´Connells Irish Bar on Thursday evening. The program was to watch Standup. Once in a while there is a comedy show night in O´Connells. It is called True Finns-comedy show and the idea of the show is to make fun of Finnish people. There were two comedians: Tuure from Finland and the other one (John or something – anyway funny guy in a red shirt?!) from USA.
The first part of the show was that they show us some topical news title and made jokes about them. The second part was really hilarious: it was about USA´s Thanks Giving Day and about Finnish Pikkujoulut. They also asked a few guest to the stage from the audience and talk about the topics with them. In the second part, they also improvised. The audience suggested the topics.
It was nice to take the group there because not everybody had ever been in a comedy show. Maybe it is not that common in their countries. It was also funny to tell to our foreign quest about our Finnish Pikkujoulu traditions. In France and Germany they don’t have Pikkujoulu. The show was spoken in English, of course.
We also talked about our Christmas traditions from every country and family. Me and Jaana were trying to translate the Finnish Christmas foods in English; but luckily they told them in the show also! Some guy from the audience remembered what lanttu is in English (btw it is rutabaga). It was nice to hear that they have few similar traditions as we do. I did like the comedy show and I was glad we could arrange the meeting at the short notice.

I think everybody enjoyed the show 🙂image6

The fifht Meeting!

This time we get almost the whole group together, jeij!! 😀 We met at Wayne´s Coffee on October 13th.
It was Friday so it was Misfortune Day. For me it really was unlucky (I broke my phone) but luckily our meeting went well and nothing bad happen! 😉 This time we had French lesson. Alex was our teacher. Some of us was little bit better in French so they studied independently. And to rest of us (beginners), Alex taught us some basics!
I learned:
Hello! = Bonjour! Salut!
What is your name? = Commemt ta t’appelles?
My name is Sora and yours? = Je m’appel Sora, et toi?
How are you? = Commemt tu vas? / Sa va?
Good, It´s okay = Bien / Sava
Where do you live? = Ta habites oú?
Where are you from?= Tu viesd oú?
How old are you? = Quel âge as tu?
And I also learned the numbers=
zero, un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix, onze, douze, treize, quatorze, quinze, seize, dix-sept, dix-huit, dix-neuf, vingt.. cent.

I learned that French is difficult and I can´t pronounce the words right :´D It is quite difficult language to learn. It think it is mostly because you don´t pronounce the words like you write it. There is different kind of S´s also… It was nice to meet all for a long time. Unfortunately, the exchange students are leaving soon back to home :´/

The fourth meeting! Cheese and noodles from German!

At our fourth meeting we were at Christine’s and Sabrina’s apartment. Christine’s father is a cook so I think she is good in cooking 😉 So, girls decided to cook us some traditional German food! 😛
For appetizer we had some homemade licorice which were made of berries and other was made of toffee. For main food we had homemade noodles with cheese and onion (Spätzle, Käse) which are common in German. For the dessert we had a cake with chocolate marshmallows. Everybody brought something to drink so we had also some red wine and beer.
We listened some German music and Christine wrote me the lyrics! We talked about sports and about our semester holiday plans. We also watched some anime that we used to watch when we were children. So funny, it was amusing to hear that they have watched same cartoons in France and German like we here in Finland. My little pony was one of my favorite when I was a little child 😀
We had a nice evening, delicious food and nice company! 🙂

Suomea! 3th meeting

This time we started by studying Finnish. Me and Jaana taught Sabrina, Christine and Alexandre a bit of Finnish. In forehand everybody knew some Finnish. Christine remembered even some sentences, which she had already learned in the intensive course of Finnish.
We started with the basic phrases like these:

Who are you? = Mikä sinun nimi on?
I am Sora = Minun nimi on Sora / Olen Sora

How are you? = Mitä kuuluu? Miten menee?
Good. = Hyvää.
A little bit bad. = Vähän huonoa.
Nothing special. = Eipä erikoista.
We also thought them some sentences for daily conversation, like good morning and hello’s. We also counted the numbers:
nolla, yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä, viisi, kuusi, seitsemän, kahdeksan, yhdeksän, kymmenen, yksitoista, kaksitoista, kolmetoista… 100 = sata, 1000 = tuhat

Here in Finland we have a lot of words which have many different meanings. Maybe one of the weirdest one is “kokoa koko kokko kokoon”. That means “built the whole bonfire up together”. Also sentence “Kuusi palaa” has so many meanings! For example; The spruce is on fire, The spruce returns, The number six is on fire, The number six returns, Six of them are on fire, Your moon is on fire, Six pieces.. Although I am a Finn I realized that Finnish language is quite funny language 😀
We listened some Finnish music like Haloo Helsinki. It was convenient because I am going to see their concert in Helsinki´s Hartwall Areena. We listened Leevi and The Leavings and some German music too. We also told something about our High School traditions here in Finland. I showed some pictures of our penkkarit (benchpressing fest) and vanhojen tanssit (Prom) which we have in our High School.
I noticed that teaching the basic things was easy but when it comes to grammar.. Don’t ask me 😀 It was way easier to teach because everybody knew something beforehand. I hope that our teachings will help Alex, Christine and Sabrina during their exchange 