007: Spectre and the Death.

Meeting No. 8

Date: November 7, 2015

During this meeting, we were quite happy, because we all were looking forward to watch the last James Bond’s movie. So after watch it, we discuss a bit about one new subject: cinema. I consider myself as a huge Cinema fan, and I asked to the guys about the most representative movies in Germany and their impact on society, as the time I also talked about the difference between the way that cinema it has been making lately in Mexico. They also were interested in “Día de muertos”, because for them it’s an unusual celebration, specially, because we Mexican people celebrate the death. I explain them, that one of the most well-known characteristics is to have a dark humor. For us, this is not a day of sorrow nor pain, but happiness and light. I showed them some pictures, because, all the people celebrate it in different ways.

After that explanation, they were quite happy with the intro action scene that we all watched previously on the film.

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