Fire in the Kitchen: German & Mexican food.

Meeting No. 10

Date: November 20, 2015

After struggling on my search of the right Mexican Ingredients, I had the chance to get some of them, and of course to used my special skill: to improve. So, for this meeting, we all decided to go inside the kitchen and try to cook something, well at least they all tried it out, because I’m pretty much a great cook.

The easiest thing to do was “Fajitas”, and since the guys really loved it at Pancho Villa’s, I decided to gave them a new perspective about this dish, and since it’s a both sides learning process, they decided to bake an apple pie. After looked for the recipes on the web, we headed to the Grocery Store and bought the ingredients for our special dishes. In the GS, we also learned how to say in German and Spanish the ingredients and the differences between the places to buy something either cheaper or better quality in Germany and Mexico.

While cooking and baking, we decided to quit our try to follow the directions on German and Spanish, because, otherwise we would eat nothing but a mess. When the time for dinner came, we also discuss about the previous meetings and the outcomes we all had by the moment, requesting some special thing to focus on.

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