Ilves Ice-hockey.

Meeting No. 4

Date: October 9, 2015

For this meeting the guys and I decided to be enjoy the Finnish National Sport: Ice Hockey. During our meeting, the guys taught me the basic rules of the game, since in Mexico it’s not a very common sport, but it’s not unusual, since in some private Universities they play it a lot. Besides, I talked deeply a lot about the Winter in Mexico, and showed to the guys some pictures of my hometown. The first thing that arise to our conversation, was the fact that in some towns in Mexico it actually snow. This fact caused a shock on the guys, because they didn’t know about it, and the hardly believe it as well. So I decided to also showed them, that as a matter in fact, my hometown is quite cold, so that was the reason why I wasn’t wearing a jacket inside the stadium, because I was used to the cold weather. We taught each other how to say the year seasons in German and Spanish, practicing every time it has needed. At the end of the day, I learned that: Ich mag Eishockey und Frost!

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