Let’s go to our “Stammkneipe”!

Meeting No. 12

Date: December 3, 2015

After a while, having official and unofficial meetings, the time to finish this activity up has already come. It is also the time to look back and see the things we all live together and the ones which took us by surprised, by tearing our ideas apart. “Stammkneipe” is the word that German people use to name a pub, and our favorite one was the one in which we had lots of fun before to start our very first EOTO meeting, the place: Ravintola Mallashovi, a nice place to have beers (with affordable prices) and enjoy by playing some games and listening to the jukebox.

We all got through our learning process and noticed that German it is as a matter in fact a hard language not only to learn but to teach. Since it’s not a big country (in comparison to Mexico), the slang changes at all times. Spanish also has its difficulties when the time to learn it comes. The fact, is, when you try to learn Spanish, you better stay on the country you learned it, because, it would change from country to country, region to region and person to person. The hardest thing for me, by trying to learn German, was the pronunciation, specially, because we Spanish speakers don’t have differences in some letters, such as “b” and “v”, “s” “c” or “z”. I struggled a lot, but they all did it quite good.

By the nighttime arrived, we all felt a bit touched by getting to know that it was our last official meeting. From my personal point of view, it was funny how sometimes, by just hearing their chit chats I was able to understand what they were saying, likely because I tried harder to learn this language. We had difficulties, yes, specially when it came to arrange a schedule or calendar for the meetings, since we all were busy with other courses and so on.

Also, I decided that German will be my 4th language and I’m really looking forward to keep with this EOTO thing, over Social Media and self-learning process.

I just can think of everything everyone taught and did for me during this process and I feel like a very lucky guy because my team turned into my greatest friends.

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