Miami: non Latino party night.

Meeting No. 7

Date: October 30, 2015

You all might know this place called Miami. Well, it’s pretty much, the closest thing that we as Latino people have to party. Nowadays, we’ve been partying a lot and for this meeting I decided to host a pre-party with German people in order to showed them a little bit about Mexican culture when it comes to partying.

This was also a nice chance to me, because I showed to the guys the “Lotería Mexicana” which is basically the same with Bingo, with the difference that we played with some Mexican characters in the folkloric life, such as: the death, the drunk guy, etc.  We played in a different way, and instead of that, we drank a Tequila Shot every time one of us won. So, it was a non-educational meeting, but the aim, as usual, was to get to know a different perspective from our roots. We also played some beer pong and played some nice music, before to head up to Miami and keep with our meeting. At the end of the night, we discovered that whether you are a German or Mexican guy, you’d figure it out when it comes to talk about party.

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