Movies Night.

Meeting No. 11

Date: November 25, 2015

Although for this session, we all settled previously down to pick up a movie and showed to the team, we finally decided to quit that path, specially, because we all wanted to watch something really different for our tastes. So, the resolution was to watch Breaking Bad. Nowadays, we all already have watched the whole show, but still we all agreed it was a nice one, considering the fact that, the aim was to listen it in English, but watch it with German-Spanish subtitles.

It was pretty much an interesting to learn the language, because, most of the most we all forgot to put attention on the captions and instead just focus on the audio. For the guys, sometimes it was quite hard, because, some of the things sounded really funny. For me as well, I struggled a lot, because, it was a really high level of German for me.

A fun fact is, that we watched it with the Spanish (from Spain) caption, so, I laughed most of the times, and I explained them the reason why and also the difference between Spanish and Mexican, and how terrible are the Spanish captions.

We helped each other, when trying to make a connection when reading and listening to the characters, and after a while it turned into a marathon of knowledge, sort of.

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