Oktoberfest: beer, beer and more beer.

Meeting No. 6

Date: October 22, 2015

I’ve never been to Germany for the Oktober fest, so the guys decided that it was their turn to introduce me to this sensational tradition, since it’s worldwide known. I asked a lot of questions, specially the ones relative with the food and the beer, and for the very first time, they understood me about every time I speak, how much I miss the Mexican cuisine; specially, because of the beer, Gosh! these guys (German people) take really serious this as a topic. They showed me some pictures about the times they attended to this celebration and gave some advices about things that I must avoid if I want to attend it. We went to Plevna and had some German meals for this day. Besides, I practice a little bit the way to order food and beverages, failing most of the times. We had a pretty nice Oktober fest day, having beers and non-German food, but like most of the times, sharing some different part of our culture.

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