Pancho Villa: A “Mexican Food” Day.

Meeting No. 5

Date: October 15, 2015

Since the guys could’t make it to Mexican Independence’s Day, I was trying the whole time to pushed them up and trying to convince them, speaking the whole time how delicious Mexican Food is. So for our meeting, we did a “research day”; to be honest, I wasn’t that happy about to attend a “Mexican Restaurant” instead of cook the food by myself, but at the same time, I could’t find the ingredients to make this happen. So, whether looking forward or not, we did it at Pancho Villa Restaurant. At first, I was trying to put apart all those ideas that the guys had about Mexican Food, and cheering them up in order to ask for the food (with me) in Spanish. getting through our options, of course I wasn’t that happy, because they all looked fake to me, but I tried my best, and explained and showed some pictures about how the real dishes look like.

I tried to enjoy this meeting the most, by giving me the chance to try this out, instead of complaining the whole time, and of course, the guys also talked about what they miss the most speaking about food and beverages. So far, I told to the guys, the differences between the range of prices and tastes in the Mexican Restaurants in Europe and how they for me are nothing, but wanna be places. We enjoyed our food and chat though.

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