8th meeting: Shopping in Kirppis ! <3

Maybe every girl loves shopping – at least me 😀 This time me, Jaana, Sabrina and Christine decided to shop way more cheaper and we went to shop to Kirpputori. Kirpputori = Kirppis is finnish and it means secondhand shop or flea market. It is place where people can rent a table and sell their used clothes and other stuff. In Tampere there is few good Kirppis like Bonuskirppis, Tarinakirppis, Radiokirppis, Uff etc.. This time we went to Tarinakirppis and Radiokirppis because Christine and Sabrina had not visited there yet.
Sabrina and Christine told that they don’t have the same Kirppis system in German so it was nice to shop here, and they also found a lot of cheap stuff. I bought a couple Christmas present. And I also found a lovely sof toy, it is called Barbapapa, and here is his picture! First it was meant to be a Christmas present but I am wondering if l just keep it myself.. 😀
It was nice just to hang out together and shop with the girls! 🙂


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