Baking night! 10th meeting

The last night before the girls depart from Finland :´( We decided to have a German Finnish baking session at Christine´s and Sabrina´s home. We baked Joulutorttu with plum marmalade and some German cookies and also drank some glögi with rum.

Girls were already prepared the dough of the German cookies earlier. Me and Jaana had change to cut the cookie dough: there were figures like reindeer, stars, hearts, flowers etc. It was almost like baking gingerbread (=pipari, Finnish Christmas cookie).


After baking the dough in oven we decorated the cookies with nomparelli and chocolate. We taught to German girls how to cut the Joulutorttu dough in figure of star and flower. And then we ate! Sooo delicious 😛

Lately we have seen with EOTO friends more frequently. Every time we see it feels more and more easy and natural to speak and communicate in different language. I really liked the course because I got to know to lovely new people and also learned many new things. Thanks to my EOTO friends, I am glad that I got to know you! Happy New Year to everybody!

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