German lesson; second meeting

Our second meeting. We decided to study Germany this time and we met at Wayne´s Coffee on Sep. 30th. Cristina and Sabrina were our teachers. Surprisingly, it felt quite easy and I think we learned quite fast (hope the teachers agree :DD) Last time I have studied Germany in Primary School – ages ago ! So, beforehand I didn´t remember much but some words started to seem familiar very soon! That was encouraging 🙂
First we studied how to introduce ourselves=
Wie heißt du? / Wie heißen Sie? > Ich heiße Sora / Mein name ist Sora / Ich bin Sora
How are you? =
Wie geht’s ? / Wie geht es dir? > Mir geht es gut / Alles gut / Mir geht es schlecht.
Wie geht’s? / Wie geht es dir? -> How are you?
Mir geht es gut. -> I’m fine.
Mir geht es schlecht. -> I’m not feeling well.

Where are you from? =
Woher kommst du? / Woher kommen Sien? > Ich komme aus Finnland.
Woher kommst du? / Woher kommen Sie? (polite) -> Where do you come from?
Ich komme aus Deutschland / Finnland / Frankreich. -> I come from Germany / Finland / France.

Then we learned numbers from 1 to 30. And asked; how old are you? =
Wie alt bist du? > Ich bin siebenundzwanzig Jahre alt

My favourite lesson is definitely German! 🙂

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