Icehockey game: Tappara against Ilves ! 9th meeting

Finally! Ice Hockey! I have lived here in Tampere for 4months but I haven’t seen a single one of SM-league ice hockey game yet. Tampere has two local ice hockey teams: Tappara and Ilves. At 16th of December there was a game Tappara against Ilves at the Hakametsä Jäähalli. Me, Christine, Sabrina and my friend went to watch the game together on Wednesday evening.
Of course we cheered for Tappara! It was quite exciting game because the winning goal game only 5 seconds before the end. This was Christine´s first time watching ice hockey game. In German football is way more popular sport than ice hockey. In Finland we love Ice Hockey. I tried to explain what happened during the game: power play, penalty, goal, commercial break, break.. We sat in the fanblock of Tappara so I tried to translate the cheers in English. All in all we had a nice game night! The atmosphere and company was great. And of course, Tappara won the game 3-2 😉


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