Pre Christmas party; 7th meeting

We had the Pre-Christmas party of Each One Teach One on Wednesday evening 2.12 at Tamko Solu. There wasn´t that much people, maybe 14 people (?). But we were there with some of my EOTO group members. Everybody brought something to eat or drink. I brought there some glögi (mulled wine) and korvapuusti (cinnamon buns). There were also some joulutorttu, chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, chips and some German bread/biscuit(?) which tasted like gingerbread (don’t remember what they were called :D).
It was just nice to chat and eat. It was also convenient opportune to schedule our next EOTO meetings! 😉 We usually set the meetings via doodle or facebook, so like this it was way easier!!! Unfortunately exchange students are finishing up their studies soon here in Finland.. so there is not that much time to meet anymore 🙁
We discussed about their best and weirdest experiences they have faced here in Finland. It was nice to hear that Christine and Sabrina are fond of kirppis shopping (flea market/second hand shop). We have a common “hobby” 😀 So of course, we decided to go shopping next time. I can show them the best places to go 😉 I also asked if there is something they really would like to go or do before they leave – so we are planning to go to watch ice hockey game and to Sauna. 🙂

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