Suomea! 3th meeting

This time we started by studying Finnish. Me and Jaana taught Sabrina, Christine and Alexandre a bit of Finnish. In forehand everybody knew some Finnish. Christine remembered even some sentences, which she had already learned in the intensive course of Finnish.
We started with the basic phrases like these:

Who are you? = Mikä sinun nimi on?
I am Sora = Minun nimi on Sora / Olen Sora

How are you? = Mitä kuuluu? Miten menee?
Good. = Hyvää.
A little bit bad. = Vähän huonoa.
Nothing special. = Eipä erikoista.
We also thought them some sentences for daily conversation, like good morning and hello’s. We also counted the numbers:
nolla, yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä, viisi, kuusi, seitsemän, kahdeksan, yhdeksän, kymmenen, yksitoista, kaksitoista, kolmetoista… 100 = sata, 1000 = tuhat

Here in Finland we have a lot of words which have many different meanings. Maybe one of the weirdest one is “kokoa koko kokko kokoon”. That means “built the whole bonfire up together”. Also sentence “Kuusi palaa” has so many meanings! For example; The spruce is on fire, The spruce returns, The number six is on fire, The number six returns, Six of them are on fire, Your moon is on fire, Six pieces.. Although I am a Finn I realized that Finnish language is quite funny language 😀
We listened some Finnish music like Haloo Helsinki. It was convenient because I am going to see their concert in Helsinki´s Hartwall Areena. We listened Leevi and The Leavings and some German music too. We also told something about our High School traditions here in Finland. I showed some pictures of our penkkarit (benchpressing fest) and vanhojen tanssit (Prom) which we have in our High School.
I noticed that teaching the basic things was easy but when it comes to grammar.. Don’t ask me 😀 It was way easier to teach because everybody knew something beforehand. I hope that our teachings will help Alex, Christine and Sabrina during their exchange 

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