The fourth meeting! Cheese and noodles from German!

At our fourth meeting we were at Christine’s and Sabrina’s apartment. Christine’s father is a cook so I think she is good in cooking 😉 So, girls decided to cook us some traditional German food! 😛
For appetizer we had some homemade licorice which were made of berries and other was made of toffee. For main food we had homemade noodles with cheese and onion (Spätzle, Käse) which are common in German. For the dessert we had a cake with chocolate marshmallows. Everybody brought something to drink so we had also some red wine and beer.
We listened some German music and Christine wrote me the lyrics! We talked about sports and about our semester holiday plans. We also watched some anime that we used to watch when we were children. So funny, it was amusing to hear that they have watched same cartoons in France and German like we here in Finland. My little pony was one of my favorite when I was a little child 😀
We had a nice evening, delicious food and nice company! 🙂

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