True Finns-comedy show! 6th meeting

Me, Jaana, Alex, Christine and Sabrina meet each other at the O´Connells Irish Bar on Thursday evening. The program was to watch Standup. Once in a while there is a comedy show night in O´Connells. It is called True Finns-comedy show and the idea of the show is to make fun of Finnish people. There were two comedians: Tuure from Finland and the other one (John or something – anyway funny guy in a red shirt?!) from USA.
The first part of the show was that they show us some topical news title and made jokes about them. The second part was really hilarious: it was about USA´s Thanks Giving Day and about Finnish Pikkujoulut. They also asked a few guest to the stage from the audience and talk about the topics with them. In the second part, they also improvised. The audience suggested the topics.
It was nice to take the group there because not everybody had ever been in a comedy show. Maybe it is not that common in their countries. It was also funny to tell to our foreign quest about our Finnish Pikkujoulu traditions. In France and Germany they don’t have Pikkujoulu. The show was spoken in English, of course.
We also talked about our Christmas traditions from every country and family. Me and Jaana were trying to translate the Finnish Christmas foods in English; but luckily they told them in the show also! Some guy from the audience remembered what lanttu is in English (btw it is rutabaga). It was nice to hear that they have few similar traditions as we do. I did like the comedy show and I was glad we could arrange the meeting at the short notice.

I think everybody enjoyed the show 🙂image6

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