4th meeting – Shopping in Koskikeskus

Our fourth meeting happened in Koskikeskus before Christmas. There we shopped together and talked about Christmas traditions and I showed Qian some popular Finnish products.

Because Christmas is gone, I’m going to tell you about Chinese Spring Festival, which Qian told me about. She told that they don’t celebrate Christmas like we Finns or it’s not so big thing in China. Chinese Spring festival is more like our Christmas and New Year. It’ll be celebrated on 8th February and it’s like Chinese “New Year”. Then they have fireworks, they meet their relatives and usually parents give their kids presents or money.

In Koskikeskus I introduced Qian some Finnish design. We visited Marimekko, which is popular Finnish company founded by Armi Ratia in 1951. Marimekko produces different textiles, such as clothes and curtains. It also produces containers, like mugs and glasses. These products can be recognized by Marimekko’s famous figures. Here’s some Marimekko’s famous design.

20160131_114656 20160131_114713 20160131_114736

I also taught Qian little Finnish. We studied months and colours in Finnish.

January-Tammikuu February-Helmikuu

March-Maaliskuu   April-Huhtikuu

May-Toukokuu    June- Kesäkuu

July-Heinäkuu      August-Elokuu

September-Syyskuu    October-Lokakuu

November-Marraskuu    December-Joulukuu

green-vihreä    blue-sininen

orange-oranssi    yellow-keltainen

purple-violetti     black-musta

white-valkoinen     red-punainen


Then we took mirrorselfie 😉

This was a lovely day!   -Merituuli


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