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German lesson; second meeting

Our second meeting. We decided to study Germany this time and we met at Wayne´s Coffee on Sep. 30th. Cristina and Sabrina were our teachers. Surprisingly, it felt quite easy and I think we learned quite fast (hope the teachers agree :DD) Last time I have studied Germany in Primary School – ages ago ! So, beforehand I didn´t remember much but some words started to seem familiar very soon! That was encouraging 🙂
First we studied how to introduce ourselves=
Wie heißt du? / Wie heißen Sie? > Ich heiße Sora / Mein name ist Sora / Ich bin Sora
How are you? =
Wie geht’s ? / Wie geht es dir? > Mir geht es gut / Alles gut / Mir geht es schlecht.
Wie geht’s? / Wie geht es dir? -> How are you?
Mir geht es gut. -> I’m fine.
Mir geht es schlecht. -> I’m not feeling well.

Where are you from? =
Woher kommst du? / Woher kommen Sien? > Ich komme aus Finnland.
Woher kommst du? / Woher kommen Sie? (polite) -> Where do you come from?
Ich komme aus Deutschland / Finnland / Frankreich. -> I come from Germany / Finland / France.

Then we learned numbers from 1 to 30. And asked; how old are you? =
Wie alt bist du? > Ich bin siebenundzwanzig Jahre alt

My favourite lesson is definitely German! 🙂

Let´s get to know each other

Our first meeting was on September 10. We have a big group so it was a big challenge to set it up. We met at the Aussie Bar at Thursday evening. We ordered some drinks and we started by introducing ourselves. We played some game which helped us to remember everybody´s names. I think I now remember all.. 😉
We have in our group students from France, Germany, Russia and Finland. Everybody told something about their homeland and I learned some new things about every country. I can´t wait to learn more!
We also went to the Hemingsway bar for another drinks. There we discussed more about Finnish and Russian music and artists. We talked about Christmas, Joulupukki (Santa Claus), Independence Day, national dress and parties. I promised to show picture of me wearing our national dress. I have to remember take it with me some time 😀 It was nice to notice that it was quite easy to talk to foreign exchange students in English 🙂 I have to admit that beforehand I was little bit nervous about it. I also realized that it is easier to talk in English than understand when someone else is speaking it (I thought it would be the other way around). I am looking forward to the next meeting 🙂

Let’s go to our “Stammkneipe”!

Meeting No. 12

Date: December 3, 2015

After a while, having official and unofficial meetings, the time to finish this activity up has already come. It is also the time to look back and see the things we all live together and the ones which took us by surprised, by tearing our ideas apart. “Stammkneipe” is the word that German people use to name a pub, and our favorite one was the one in which we had lots of fun before to start our very first EOTO meeting, the place: Ravintola Mallashovi, a nice place to have beers (with affordable prices) and enjoy by playing some games and listening to the jukebox.

We all got through our learning process and noticed that German it is as a matter in fact a hard language not only to learn but to teach. Since it’s not a big country (in comparison to Mexico), the slang changes at all times. Spanish also has its difficulties when the time to learn it comes. The fact, is, when you try to learn Spanish, you better stay on the country you learned it, because, it would change from country to country, region to region and person to person. The hardest thing for me, by trying to learn German, was the pronunciation, specially, because we Spanish speakers don’t have differences in some letters, such as “b” and “v”, “s” “c” or “z”. I struggled a lot, but they all did it quite good.

By the nighttime arrived, we all felt a bit touched by getting to know that it was our last official meeting. From my personal point of view, it was funny how sometimes, by just hearing their chit chats I was able to understand what they were saying, likely because I tried harder to learn this language. We had difficulties, yes, specially when it came to arrange a schedule or calendar for the meetings, since we all were busy with other courses and so on.

Also, I decided that German will be my 4th language and I’m really looking forward to keep with this EOTO thing, over Social Media and self-learning process.

I just can think of everything everyone taught and did for me during this process and I feel like a very lucky guy because my team turned into my greatest friends.

Movies Night.

Meeting No. 11

Date: November 25, 2015

Although for this session, we all settled previously down to pick up a movie and showed to the team, we finally decided to quit that path, specially, because we all wanted to watch something really different for our tastes. So, the resolution was to watch Breaking Bad. Nowadays, we all already have watched the whole show, but still we all agreed it was a nice one, considering the fact that, the aim was to listen it in English, but watch it with German-Spanish subtitles.

It was pretty much an interesting to learn the language, because, most of the most we all forgot to put attention on the captions and instead just focus on the audio. For the guys, sometimes it was quite hard, because, some of the things sounded really funny. For me as well, I struggled a lot, because, it was a really high level of German for me.

A fun fact is, that we watched it with the Spanish (from Spain) caption, so, I laughed most of the times, and I explained them the reason why and also the difference between Spanish and Mexican, and how terrible are the Spanish captions.

We helped each other, when trying to make a connection when reading and listening to the characters, and after a while it turned into a marathon of knowledge, sort of.

Fire in the Kitchen: German & Mexican food.

Meeting No. 10

Date: November 20, 2015

After struggling on my search of the right Mexican Ingredients, I had the chance to get some of them, and of course to used my special skill: to improve. So, for this meeting, we all decided to go inside the kitchen and try to cook something, well at least they all tried it out, because I’m pretty much a great cook.

The easiest thing to do was “Fajitas”, and since the guys really loved it at Pancho Villa’s, I decided to gave them a new perspective about this dish, and since it’s a both sides learning process, they decided to bake an apple pie. After looked for the recipes on the web, we headed to the Grocery Store and bought the ingredients for our special dishes. In the GS, we also learned how to say in German and Spanish the ingredients and the differences between the places to buy something either cheaper or better quality in Germany and Mexico.

While cooking and baking, we decided to quit our try to follow the directions on German and Spanish, because, otherwise we would eat nothing but a mess. When the time for dinner came, we also discuss about the previous meetings and the outcomes we all had by the moment, requesting some special thing to focus on.

Vapriiki Tampere: a Cultural Day.

Meeting No. 9

Date: November 12, 2015

This meeting was so awesome so far, as usual. We all went to Vapriiki and walked through the different areas that we could find in here. One of my favorite activities, was the one in which we picked an animal up, and named it in our mother tongue, and giving a brief description about its nature, ecosystem and influence in human life.

For me, it was another chance to improve the way that these guys know about Mexico, explaining all the different ecosystems that we in Mexico have, and also, having a comparison between the German ones.

It was a very educational meeting and on our way back, we discuss about German-Mexican History.

007: Spectre and the Death.

Meeting No. 8

Date: November 7, 2015

During this meeting, we were quite happy, because we all were looking forward to watch the last James Bond’s movie. So after watch it, we discuss a bit about one new subject: cinema. I consider myself as a huge Cinema fan, and I asked to the guys about the most representative movies in Germany and their impact on society, as the time I also talked about the difference between the way that cinema it has been making lately in Mexico. They also were interested in “Día de muertos”, because for them it’s an unusual celebration, specially, because we Mexican people celebrate the death. I explain them, that one of the most well-known characteristics is to have a dark humor. For us, this is not a day of sorrow nor pain, but happiness and light. I showed them some pictures, because, all the people celebrate it in different ways.

After that explanation, they were quite happy with the intro action scene that we all watched previously on the film.

Miami: non Latino party night.

Meeting No. 7

Date: October 30, 2015

You all might know this place called Miami. Well, it’s pretty much, the closest thing that we as Latino people have to party. Nowadays, we’ve been partying a lot and for this meeting I decided to host a pre-party with German people in order to showed them a little bit about Mexican culture when it comes to partying.

This was also a nice chance to me, because I showed to the guys the “Lotería Mexicana” which is basically the same with Bingo, with the difference that we played with some Mexican characters in the folkloric life, such as: the death, the drunk guy, etc.  We played in a different way, and instead of that, we drank a Tequila Shot every time one of us won. So, it was a non-educational meeting, but the aim, as usual, was to get to know a different perspective from our roots. We also played some beer pong and played some nice music, before to head up to Miami and keep with our meeting. At the end of the night, we discovered that whether you are a German or Mexican guy, you’d figure it out when it comes to talk about party.

Oktoberfest: beer, beer and more beer.

Meeting No. 6

Date: October 22, 2015

I’ve never been to Germany for the Oktober fest, so the guys decided that it was their turn to introduce me to this sensational tradition, since it’s worldwide known. I asked a lot of questions, specially the ones relative with the food and the beer, and for the very first time, they understood me about every time I speak, how much I miss the Mexican cuisine; specially, because of the beer, Gosh! these guys (German people) take really serious this as a topic. They showed me some pictures about the times they attended to this celebration and gave some advices about things that I must avoid if I want to attend it. We went to Plevna and had some German meals for this day. Besides, I practice a little bit the way to order food and beverages, failing most of the times. We had a pretty nice Oktober fest day, having beers and non-German food, but like most of the times, sharing some different part of our culture.

Pancho Villa: A “Mexican Food” Day.

Meeting No. 5

Date: October 15, 2015

Since the guys could’t make it to Mexican Independence’s Day, I was trying the whole time to pushed them up and trying to convince them, speaking the whole time how delicious Mexican Food is. So for our meeting, we did a “research day”; to be honest, I wasn’t that happy about to attend a “Mexican Restaurant” instead of cook the food by myself, but at the same time, I could’t find the ingredients to make this happen. So, whether looking forward or not, we did it at Pancho Villa Restaurant. At first, I was trying to put apart all those ideas that the guys had about Mexican Food, and cheering them up in order to ask for the food (with me) in Spanish. getting through our options, of course I wasn’t that happy, because they all looked fake to me, but I tried my best, and explained and showed some pictures about how the real dishes look like.

I tried to enjoy this meeting the most, by giving me the chance to try this out, instead of complaining the whole time, and of course, the guys also talked about what they miss the most speaking about food and beverages. So far, I told to the guys, the differences between the range of prices and tastes in the Mexican Restaurants in Europe and how they for me are nothing, but wanna be places. We enjoyed our food and chat though.