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Meeting in grocery store Lidl – fifth meeting

We met in grocery store Lidl with Qian before Christmas. Qian wanted to know more what things are really sold in Lidl and what all the Finnish names of things and food means. It was really  fun and useful for me also to brush up the names of  groceries in English. I noticed that we have some words in Finnish that we can’t even translate into English, such as “terttutomaatti” and “kirsikkatomaatti”.  So here is now the words we learned at Lidl.

Beef-Pihvi        Chicken-Kana    Cow Mince- Naudan jauheliha

Pork-Sika         Cow-Nauta

Fish-Kala          Salmon-Lohi

Milk-Maito       Juice-Mehu

Salt-Suola        Pepper-Pippuri

Apple-Omena    Grape-Viinirypäle

Tomate-Tomaatti         Little tomatoes-kirsikkatomaatti

Many tomatoes together-Terttutomaatti    Cucumber-Kurkku

Plum-Luumu       Pear-Päärynä

Mint-Minttu        Liquorice-Lakritsi

Pumpkin-Kurpitsa       Ginger-Inkivääri

Eggplant-Munakoiso      Onion-Sipuli

Garlic-valkosipuli        Broccoli-Parsakaali

Cauliflower-Kukkakaali     Gabbage-Kiinankaali

Kiwi-Kiivi         Lemon-Sitruuna

Lime-Lime            Mango-Mango


Shampoo-Shampoo     Hair  Conditioner-Hiusten hoitoaine

Tooth paste-Hammastahna

At the store we went through these words together so that I said the Finnish word first and then Qian repeated it couple times after me. She pronounced them very well, I think! 🙂

This was different but  funny way to teach Finnish!

-Merituuli Lehtimaa

Fourth meeting and sobremesa

Today we decided to cook and have lunch together, but we did not prepare German or Spanish food, in fact it was some Korean curry. But I already cooked her “tortilla de patata” (potato omelette) some weeks ago. So we talked about how we see other cultures and we mentioned some dishes we miss from our countries. Next time we are going to be cooking again! She told me we could eat some German pancakes, I’ve never tried pancakes before.

After lunch we talked broadly about Spain and Germany, but mainly about different languages. I explained to Lynn that Spain has many different languages and I showed her where you can hear them with a map. I also tried to depict some of the dialects that you can hear in Spain. But most importantly I taught her what is the most important thing for the Basques; kalimotxo, a drink made out of wine and coke.


Before the meeting ended I had already figured out what I would show Lynn in the next meeting, and I already have the material. It’s a Spanish TV series called “El ministerio del tiempo” and it’s about a secret Ministry that wants to preserve Spanish history as it is, with its good and bad things. I think it would be interesting because that way she can hear some Spanish while she learns culture and history.

Second meeting with Iva

Iva and I went to sky bar cafe which name is ‘moro’. Because of my two weeks pf vacation, It’s been a long time. We order cider and coffe. It was nice view. Anyway, she wants to know Korean. She drew out notebook and pen from her bag. I was really happy to start teaching her Korean!!!!!!!!!!! First, I tought how to write ‘건배’ which learned two weeks ago. Just at that moment, I realized that before teaching ‘words’ I have to teach Iva about consonant and vowel of Korean! hahahahahahahahaha my mistake
She tried really hard to learn Korean and acquired well!! Her application ability of language was awesome. After that, she also tought me her nation’s language, Bulgarian. Actually, I really afraid of learning that language. Because It looks sooooooooo hard and complicated that even look like a pictogram hahaha. But Iva was a goooood teacher as well as a good student. She tought Bulgarian proficiently. So I tought a monent that ‘Was she a Bulgarian instructor’? hahahah. After a very intense and beautiful time, we said some words in Bulgarian and Korean. It was really funny hahahahahahah. But I’m afraid I can’t memorize that Because I’m a short-memoried person. But I’ll just keep learning I hope Iva also think like me.image

Meeting 1: basic info about Vietnam

Today Elisa (from Finland), Nghi (from Vietnam) and I started our Each One Teach One meetings according to our schedule. The first meeting was about Nghi sharing with us Finns some basic info about Vietnam and the Vietnamese culture. I had little prior knowledge about Vietnam so I was eager to learn anything about the country.

I had heard about the war in Vietnam, but hadn’t really realized that after the country got independent in 1945 it was in a war for decades before the peace treaty was signed in 1975. There are roughly 90 million people in Vietnam and in the largest city, Ho Chi Minh City, alone there are more people than in Finland. The country has basically one political party, the Communist party.

Nghi told us that Vietnam is a developing country and that it is developing at a quite quick pace. Nghi was born in the countryside in 1992 and it was interesting to learn that her family didn’t have electricity available at the time and that they only got access to electricity in the late 1990s. This shows how different backgrounds we come from and makes sharing information really useful in broadening our view of the world.

Nghi is proud of the beauty of her country’s nature and told that there are many natural and historical attractions. However, she feels that Vietnam is not taking full advantage of its potential when it comes to attracting international tourists.

I found it interesting that Vietnam has as many as 54 ethnic groups and that the northern parts of the country have four seasons whereas the southern parts have only two seasons, the rain season and the dry season.

Here I have mentioned only few of the interesting things about Vietnam that I learned today. This type of learning is nice because I had the chance to make a lot of questions about the things I wanted to know more about and also the chance to get more personal answers that I could get from any official source of information.

Finnish food

Yesterday was our third meeting for the course each one teach one. Lisanne and I went to Laura’s home in the evening. We made a Finnish dish; a really delicious fish soup with salmon. The boyfriend of Laura made a home made bread, the combination of this two was really good!!

Laura learned us some Finnish useful words/sentences and we learned Laura some Dutch words and the alphabet during the cooking of the soup. We wrote it on a paper, so that we can take a look at it when we are at home. The first times we didn’t do that, but it is very useful to have it by yourself.

Laura made a very nice dessert and we ate it in the living room, while Laura’s boyfriend played guitar and a traditional Finnish instrument. We tried to play on the traditional Finnish instrument, what was really nice!

We will meet in the holiday week and do some cross country skiing! I am looking forward for the next meeting!

Meeting at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

One cold evening, when the howling wind took off through the city of Tampere, a tall dark stranger went into the mysterious halls of Teerenpeli. In a basement down below, on a couch, the stranger waited, for fascinated people to come, eager to capture this amazing moments on a piece of paper. She dressed herself in blood-red satin letting her dark curls fall down over her shoulders. Now she was ready, prepared for taking the role as a live model at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.

This story took place some weeks ago. As one of our meetings, we decided to go to a sketching event to practice drawing and getting to know each other better.

During the first session, like to warm up a bit, we had 1 minute for each pose, drawing basically the movement and the main characteristics. There were 10 different poses, also with some gadgets such as a skull, a cape and a crystal ball. It looked really nice and was fun to draw, as the gadgets gave some nice opportunities.

In the next session we got 2 minutes time for each pose, so that the drawings could go more into detail. After a little break we had another 2-min-session and some poses lasting 5 minutes. Within the 5 minutes there was an opportunity to also use some colour for the drawings. The model also changed her outfit a couple of times, one of them with a very characteristic hat with a feather on it.

The event was in Finnish, so Rosa translated what was said. After the last drawing session we stayed seated with some beer and talked about further meetings, similar to these kinds of events. I have never done anything like this in Sweden so it was a really cool experience. What can I say, art connects people right?


Event: Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School – “You will meet a tall dark stranger”


Word-List in English, Finnish and Swedish

to draw – piirtää – att rita/teckna

drawing – piirustus – teckning

drawing paper – piirustuspaperi – ritpapper

a pen – kynä – penna

a brush – sivellin – pensel

watercolour – vesiväri – vattenfärg

ink – muste – bläck

ballpoint pen – mustekynä – bläckpenna

charcoal – hiili (for drawing -> piirustushiili) – kolkrita (teckningskol)

sketch – luonnos – skiss

sketch book – luonnoskirja – skissbok

marker – tussi – tuschpenna

pencil case – penaali – pennskrin

Third meeting : Austrian food

We made Austrian food for lunch today. Eunhye and I went to Carina’s flat and she already prepared a lot. She made vanilla souce and bought some ingredients more. Really thank you Carina♡.

First dish was Apfelstrudel. Apfel means ‘apple’ and strudel means ‘pastry.’ 20160224_130545 We put apple (apple+cinnamon+sugar+raisin+frying powder with butter) on the dough and roll it like in the picture. And baked it in the oven at 200℃ for 30~40 minutes. It is the typical dessert in Austria.

Second one is Käsespätzle. Käse means ‘cheese’ and spätzle means ‘noodle.’ Like its name, the ingredients were very simple. First mix 4 eggs and 500g of flour and then put them in the sieve and press it so that can make small size of noodles. The shape was so cute. 20160224_120101And roast it with onions and cheese.

Even they looks very simple the taste was really good and smells were killing me. 20160224_134221The recipe was pretty simple but taste was not that simple. We were all very full but cannot stop the fork. Actually I didn’t like apple pie in Korea but Austrian was fantastic. I couldnt’ breathe but cannot stop eating it.

After eating, we taught Carina some Korean pharases and talked about each country. And she also showed us some pictures of Austria and I can sure that I have to go to Austria. It is very beautiful country I think. It was really nice time and I enjoyed it a lot and also looking forward to meeting two weeks later for Korean cuisine.

Second meeting for shopping

Carina, Eunhye and I met at the Lidl for next Austrian cuisine.  Carina said we are going to make Apfelstrudel and kasespatzle. They were all unfamiliar to me but after listening what they are, I looked forward to trying it.

During the shopping, Carina taught us many German words of ingredients. There were some difficult words to pronounce and It was hard to remember all the words. After shopping Carina sent us words with English and German and when I said “I should practice more how to pronounce them.” then she also sent a record of how to pronounce them. I really felt thanksful.

German has different pronounciation from Korean, but I can enjoy learning it thanks to Carina. Also I’m very looking forward to making Austrian food.


Second meeting at Kaupinoja sauna


A lovely little road at Kauppi.

Today we met with only Anni and Olivia and I have to say I´m a very happy person now! We went to the famous Kaupinoja sauna (1st time for me) and I finally got a chance to go winter swimming in avanto! We dipped our selves in the freezing lake Näsijärvi for about 5 times and at one time I even took some swimming moves.  It was horrible and wonderful at the same time. Sauna was a cool experience as well and we went there every time after we were in the lake.


We had good talks again about differences in our cultures and we wanted to know a lot what Olivia thinks about Finland and what has been the best things about Finland and Finns. I think the best lessions about this course is getting to know each other and our countries and some lessions on the side. For example when we were on our way to Kauppi, we went to a store to buy sausage and stuff so we had a little teaching lession in the store about Finnish words and sentences as well as in German.

anni ja olivia
Anni and Olivia enjoying the good stuff.

I like our group very much and I hope the next time Hanna and Zsofia will be able to join us again. We are going to a hockey game so that should be fun! 🙂

anni ja minä
Anni and me fresh off the sauna!



Third meeting ‘Laura’s place’

Today we went to Laura’s places to make some salmon soup. We prepared it together and I learned Laura some dutch words what she can use in the kitchen. Tess and I also learned some Finnish words to say hello to people, also we learned counting!

After dinner we had a dessert of frozen berries with yoghurt and cream, Laura’s boyfriend played guitar. That was a very nice moment that I realized that I was here without my family and that I am very proud of myself to do this trip on my own.

The next time we planned to go cross country skiing and we also figured out what we can do for the fifth time (we will watch a typical Dutch movie with some sweets).

I am looking forward because I love sweets but also doing some sports.12787321_1064926040224551_1926902557_o