First meeting at Pyynikki Observation Tower

Today we had our first meeting. We met at Stockmann and took the bus to the Pyynikki Observation Tower. First we went upstairs to take some pictures and enjoy the view. After that we had coffee, tea and munkkis. During eating we fixed the dates for our next meetings and I started to write down some important words and phrases in German for introducing. Eunhye and Mi Hyeon tried to pronounce them and they did a really good job.

After that we changed and they decided that it’s the best to start teaching me the Korean alphabet. It was really hard for me to keep it in my mind but I’ll try to learn it until our next meeting so that we can continue with the first words. Next time we’ll go shopping groceries for the Austrian cooking session.

Looking forward to our next meeting.

1 thought on “First meeting at Pyynikki Observation Tower

  1. Hi Carina

    A nice beginning! Look forward to you sharing some of the Korean words you are learning.

    – Taru

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