Second meeting while eating

On friday Lynn and I went to the Munkkikahvila and exchanged impressions about our cultures while enjoying the most important thing of Tampere’s own culture: the munkki.

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I’m thinking of going to Germany some time this year and she recommended me some places I could visit. Talking about this the refugee topic popped up, as it did in the last meeting. It has been a huge topic in all of Europe for the last months, but I guess it has affected Germany in a different way.

Anyway, it was my turn as the teacher so I taught (more like reminded) Lynn the pronouns and the possessives in Spanish, as well as how to conjugate and when and where to use the accent marks. This last part is more important than it seems, because it can change a word’s meaning.

I told her that there are some words you cannot use in South America, as words that are perfectly normal in Spain can be very offensive there. I tried to teach her some of them but I could not remember many of them, so I’ll try to make a list for the next time.

She took good note of my teachings
She took good note of my teachings

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