2nd meeting at Kahvilla

For our second meeting on Thursday Feb 11th we went to Ravintola Kahvilla. Kahvilla is a nice, calm place with soothing atmosphere and tasty food. A good place to meet.

We started with snacks, drinks and chatting. Isa had printed handouts about numbers, ordinal numbers, days of the week, moths, colours and much more in Spanish to give us. So great! At this meeting we studied numbers and months. We also learned how to say what day it is and when we were born.

Last time we agreed to check out some Finnish and Spanish lyrics for this meeting.  I had chosen a Shakira song “Estoy Aqui” and found it way too hard for me to understand. No worries, we saw all the lyrics through and translated unfamiliar phrases and terms.

Again, it was a good meeting with the girls and time passed fast.

Until next week!

1 thought on “2nd meeting at Kahvilla

  1. Looks like a comfortable start. Could you actually share some words and phrases that you learned.
    – Taru

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