Korean & Spanish – Establishing a base (1st meeting)

Although we’ve talked about our languages (Korean and Spanish) between us some times, yesterday was our first official meeting as an each one teach one group. We met at the 1st floor kitchen of Lapinkaari because the three of us live there and because we wanted the first meeting to be an introduction to both languages and talk about more “theoretical” stuff.

We started with Korean, both Dahye and Boryeong told me that I should learn the Korean alphabet to read and be able to understand the language. Luckily, I looked on the internet information about this alphabet before the meeting, so I was a little bit familiar with what they taught me. Anyway, they showed me all the characters and how to pronounce them (the vowels were difficult for me) and they made me read in Korean all the words that came up in the lesson so I could practice. After that, they taught me some basic introductory phrases like “My name is Aitor”, “i’m 21 years old” an so. Then we talked about numbers and we finnished with more basic words like “hello/goodbye” “thanks” and “sorry”.

Then, it was time for teaching Spanish. I followed more or less the same order we followed with Korean. We started with the alphabet, but they both knew the alphabet so I explained them the characters that we don’t use in Spanish (like “k” or “w”), some other that we use and they didn’t know (like “ñ”, “rr” and “ll”) and also how to pronounce them. Then we continued with the greeting sentences and I explained them that in Spanish we conjugate the verbs depending on the gramatical person. We continued talking about the numbers and then we finnished with the basic words like “yes/no”, “please”, or “goodbye”.

When we finished we looked at the time and we realised that we had been talking for two hours and a half! We ended quite saturated but we wanted the first meeting to be dense to establish a good base in both languages. I, personally, enjoyed it a lot and I learned so much, so I am looking forward to the next meeting.

We took so many notes!

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