Second meeting at Kauppahalli

The second meeting with Laura and Tess was at Kauppahalli. Laura brought her boyfriend with her, because he is from the Netherlands. He is living her for 6 years now, so Tess and I learned a lot more about the Finnish culture.

First we ate a sweet and after that we walked true Kauppahalli and after that we tried the black sausage (mustamakkara). Did I like it? Well if I am honest, noooo. We are not used to that kind of sausages in the Netherlands. Mostly we say ‘Wat de boer niet kent, vreet die niet’ (what we don’t know, we won’t eat it) so this explains the Dutch culture a little bit more.

The next time we will meet at Lauras’ to make some salmon soup. I am looking forward to the next meeting.IMG_4268

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