Third meeting: Finnish home cooking

Poppy seed-sour milk-carrot bread and the notes 😉

The third meeting I had with the Dutch girls was on Wed 24th of February. I invited the girls over to our place in Annala. After they finally found it to our place (my fault), we started cooking some quite traditional Finnish food, lohikeitto, salmon soup. I had dealt with the fish beforehand and we prepared the veggies and put the soup to boil while chatting and learning vocabulary over tea. We wrote word lists on certain topics, for me about kitchen vocabulary and for them about more general things. Also my Dutch boyfriend was at home and we all spent the evening together. The girls taught me some Dutch pronunciation and I taught the girls about numbers and greetings and such, and my boyfriend was helping out with everything as he has got the experience of all languages. We learned vegetable names and talked about the differences in species you can buy and grow here and in the Netherlands. We also talked about cycling and the differences in between the countries in cycling and traffic culture in general. The soup was an easy dish to prepare, with which my boyfriend had baked an awesome carrot-poppy seed- sour milk bread and for dessert we made some simple berry quark. The foods turned out nice and as we had dessert we also heard and tried a little the most traditional Finnish instrument, kantele. I do not know what it is called in English and cannot play it but luckily my Dutch boyfriend can 😉 He’s the secret Finn of this household. Next time we will go and try some langlaufen, cross-country skiing, if the weather is suitable!

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