Third meeting : Austrian food

We made Austrian food for lunch today. Eunhye and I went to Carina’s flat and she already prepared a lot. She made vanilla souce and bought some ingredients more. Really thank you Carina♡.

First dish was Apfelstrudel. Apfel means ‘apple’ and strudel means ‘pastry.’ 20160224_130545 We put apple (apple+cinnamon+sugar+raisin+frying powder with butter) on the dough and roll it like in the picture. And baked it in the oven at 200℃ for 30~40 minutes. It is the typical dessert in Austria.

Second one is Käsespätzle. Käse means ‘cheese’ and spätzle means ‘noodle.’ Like its name, the ingredients were very simple. First mix 4 eggs and 500g of flour and then put them in the sieve and press it so that can make small size of noodles. The shape was so cute. 20160224_120101And roast it with onions and cheese.

Even they looks very simple the taste was really good and smells were killing me. 20160224_134221The recipe was pretty simple but taste was not that simple. We were all very full but cannot stop the fork. Actually I didn’t like apple pie in Korea but Austrian was fantastic. I couldnt’ breathe but cannot stop eating it.

After eating, we taught Carina some Korean pharases and talked about each country. And she also showed us some pictures of Austria and I can sure that I have to go to Austria. It is very beautiful country I think. It was really nice time and I enjoyed it a lot and also looking forward to meeting two weeks later for Korean cuisine.

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