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Second meeting at Kauppahalli

The second meeting with Laura and Tess was at Kauppahalli. Laura brought her boyfriend with her, because he is from the Netherlands. He is living her for 6 years now, so Tess and I learned a lot more about the Finnish culture.

First we ate a sweet and after that we walked true Kauppahalli and after that we tried the black sausage (mustamakkara). Did I like it? Well if I am honest, noooo. We are not used to that kind of sausages in the Netherlands. Mostly we say ‘Wat de boer niet kent, vreet die niet’ (what we don’t know, we won’t eat it) so this explains the Dutch culture a little bit more.

The next time we will meet at Lauras’ to make some salmon soup. I am looking forward to the next meeting.IMG_4268

Third meeting: Finnish home cooking

Poppy seed-sour milk-carrot bread and the notes 😉

The third meeting I had with the Dutch girls was on Wed 24th of February. I invited the girls over to our place in Annala. After they finally found it to our place (my fault), we started cooking some quite traditional Finnish food, lohikeitto, salmon soup. I had dealt with the fish beforehand and we prepared the veggies and put the soup to boil while chatting and learning vocabulary over tea. We wrote word lists on certain topics, for me about kitchen vocabulary and for them about more general things. Also my Dutch boyfriend was at home and we all spent the evening together. The girls taught me some Dutch pronunciation and I taught the girls about numbers and greetings and such, and my boyfriend was helping out with everything as he has got the experience of all languages. We learned vegetable names and talked about the differences in species you can buy and grow here and in the Netherlands. We also talked about cycling and the differences in between the countries in cycling and traffic culture in general. The soup was an easy dish to prepare, with which my boyfriend had baked an awesome carrot-poppy seed- sour milk bread and for dessert we made some simple berry quark. The foods turned out nice and as we had dessert we also heard and tried a little the most traditional Finnish instrument, kantele. I do not know what it is called in English and cannot play it but luckily my Dutch boyfriend can 😉 He’s the secret Finn of this household. Next time we will go and try some langlaufen, cross-country skiing, if the weather is suitable!

Second meeting in Kauppahalli

I met with the Dutch girls for the second time on Fri 19th of February in Tampere market hall, Kauppahalli. We had some coffee and pulla in a cafe, and walked around to see the different little shops and restaurants. We discussed the girls’ trip to Lapland the previous week, all the things they had had a chance to do! I had my Dutch boyfriend with me who also wanted to meet with the girls. Tess and Lisanne were interested about a Dutch person who has moved to Tampere for real, had learned to speak Finnish fluently and they exchanged experiences. I also listened when they all talked Dutch a little and it was nice 🙂 It’s good for me to get to listen to some Dutch discussions and try and keep following.  We also went to have some mustamakkara for lunch and made the girls try it. I think it was not their favourite dish, but it was interesting to show it to them because in my opinion it is the most local thing you can eat in Tampere so you have to try at least a piece! 😉

Second Meeting

I had my second meeting with Saki on the 6th of February. We went to a Cafe which name I have unfortunatelly forgotten and were staying there the whole afternoon.

We talked about a lot of things, for example summer festivals in Japan and the traditional clothes you are wearing when you go there. It´s common to wear a Yukata, a garment similar to a Kimono, only with lighter fabric, especially made for summer. On those festivals you can also watch amazing fireworks in the evening, eat a lot of tasty food, catch goldfishes, play booth games and much more. Hopefully I will be able to visit one of those festivals someday. ^-^

Saki asked me about the german carnival (Fasching) and I told her a lot about how people celebrate it. Every year there are big parades in every city of Germany. People dress up in funny costumes, drink a lot of alcohol, and dance and sing to special carnival music. You can also eat a lot of candy there since the people on the parade wagons throw it into the crowd. For me this is probably the only thing I like about Fasching.

I also got a notebook from Saki, where she has written down some phrases and vocabulary in japanese and also all the Hiragana and Katakana. I was really happy about that and use the notebook now for learning.

Third Meeting – Finnish time!


We visit Pyynikin Nakötorni!

This was the first meeting for finnish language. I felt a bit shy at the beginning because is always scary to speak in someone else’s native language and even more if it’s finnish, but I survived a few phrases like:

Mitä on sun suosikki musiikkia? Ajattelen että rock ja metallimusiikki on lähellä sydämeltä.

Mistä minä tykkään? -Now this was a challenge since the use of Mistä at the beginning didn’t make sense for me hehe. In spanish we would rephrased in a completely different way.

IIMG-20160217-WA0005 learned also how to say lie! -Valhe or Maata-

Munkki päivässä pitää kurvit kuosissa! – A donut per day keeps the curves up to date (fashionable).

Munkki päivässä pitää pyllyn pyöreänä. – A donut per day keeps the butt round. That is full truth from Munkkikahvilla, Pyynikilla.


We also talk about art and different terms in finnish like:

Watercolor – Vesivareja

Oil colours – Oljyt.

Painting – Maalaus. Maalaaminen

Paint- Maalata

Easel – Maalausteline

Convas – Maalauspohja




The second meeting with Emmiina

Before we start to cook Korean food We needed to buy ingredients. I went to the Asian market first to buy some stuff for Kimchi and Kimbab. However making kimchi is not that easy in foreign country  so It was hard to get all ingredients. but we tried to get substitutes. but It was quite interesting to find them 🙂 After we finished doing shopping, we went to Emmiina’s home together

It was so lovely house and she had so many tools and spices in her kitchen. So it was no matter that we have no enough ingredients.

First of all we started to cook rice and then prepared fillings of Kimbab. She was super excited to make Korean food and made a note for recipe 🙂

We had fun when we are cooking and it went very well ! no any problems! Also the fact that Emmiina has a tool for kimbab was amazing haha

We made Kimbab perfectly and started to make Kimchi! I made Kimchi sauce and we put sauce on to the white cabbage

during we are waiting for her boyfriend we studied numbers each other

and Korean currency

After her boyfriend came we start to eat and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!absolutely same as home sweet home >.<

Also he already know Korean food and he said Korean bbq is the best and he loves Kimchi

So everyone was happy with everything 🙂

and I drew them   on the sketchbook 😉 it was so great time! also She gave me a birthday present!!!!!So sweet Thanks  a lot so beautiful!!bbb





IMG_8121 IMG_8108 IMG_8107 IMG_8105 IMG_8104 IMG_8102 IMG_8099IMG_8135

Next meeting is going to Pyynikkii  tower and having DONUTS!><

Looking forward to next meeting as well~~~~

The first meeting with Emmiina

When we had a pre-meeting in Orientation, I and Emmiina was talking about  how can we teach our languages each other and what we can do together.
First of all we decided to go a cafe to arrange our further meetings.

and we were discussing more about venue of the first meeting in whatsapp and I said her that I want to go second hand shop in here.

One day Emmiina sent me a message that she has a good cafe next to nice second hand shop 🙂 It sounds like perfect! and It was!

I liked that shop and cafe :0 The shop was so lovely. Also cafe’s owner was so kind and cakes and tea became absolutely my favourites !

We started to teach own language each other and we were so excited!!

Even we studied and kept talking until the cafe is almost closed haha

Emmiina understood very well about how to combine Korean alphabets together and pronunciation was quite clear ^^*

She was eagle to study Korean cause she’s going to Korea as an exchange student next year ! So It’s very nice that we are each one teach one mates 🙂

I’m taking Basics of Finnish to learn Finnish language in TAMk but I have missed many classes since I had an intensive lab course So we used materials from the class. I also learnt many Finnish sentences that I was wondering.  The pronunciation of Finnish  and different Alphabet  were quite difficult for me. However Emmiina was such a patient teacher so we have done our class very well >.<

We decided that our next meeting is going to be Korean cooking class:)

Emmiina already has been to Korea before so she decided the menu as Kimbab and Kimchi 🙂

I’m so looking forward to next meeting! XOXOIMG_6131 IMG_8159 IMG_8160


The first meeting

I’m Dahye Hong from South Korea. I’m in team with Boryeong Kim from South Korea and Aitor Alvarez from Spain.

We have known each other already, so we could make a team quite easily. We can have a meeting in Lapinkaari’s common kitchen because all of us live in same accommodation. Also we can easily organize a sort of small meeting like cooking something or having a tee time together. I think these things is really good advantage for our team.

Even though we talked about process method of our class or some activities many times before, our official meeting was made a few days ago. Actually I’m too late because I was swamped by lots of things to do these days.

First class proceeded by learning letters, greeting, basic sentences and number of each other’s language. I felt that these things are quite easy because letters of Spanish is similar to English, But I was afraid that he might have difficulties to learn Korean alphabet because It is totally different from any language. But he was really proficient in writing and speaking Korean alphabet. He said he learned by himself before our meeting. I was so impressed by his eager, so I made some material to help him study korean more easily. Intent upon our meeting, we lost track of time.

After first meeting, I could realize something to improve for our learning. At first, It will be better if we prepare some materials for class in advance. And It will be helpful to learn some more practical expressions. From next meeting, we will take some more pictures and also videos!


De sobremesa – 2nd meeting

Rice Cake in the asian market

This time we met in the city center to go to the asian market. There, Boryeong and Dahye show me some Korean food and explained me some things about Korean cooking. After that we continued shoping on a K-Market and there I found some chorizo (spanish tipical meat) and told them about some Spanish food. When we finnished, we went to Lydl and continued talking about food; they told me that there are some Korean words related to food that are the same as in english, “orange”, “cheese” and “tomato”, for example.

Some Korean noodles we had for dinner

Then, we went to Lapinkaari and I helped them cook Tteokbokki (rice cake with vegetables and spicy sauce) and some noodles and while we were having dinner we carried on talking about typical food of our countries. After that, some people came to have dinner so we went off topic and talked with the people about their countries and food. Later, Dahye brought a travel guide of Spain because she wants to do a trip around Europe, so I explained them the interesting places they could visit in my country and also some traditions. Lastly, I told them about “sobremesa”, it’s an spanish word that doesn’t have translation that means the conversation people have in the table after having lunch or dinner, we ourselves were having “sobremesa”. They also told me about a Korean word without translation: “시원섭섭  하다”, the mix of happy and nostalgic feelings when you finish an stage of your life like school, university or even a relationship.

The Tteokbokki (떡볶이) was really good (quite spicy also…)

Like the first time, we did our meeting longer than expected (7 hours this time…) but it was really funny and interesting, because we did different things and talked about diverse topics. In the dinner we also talked with some people about good (and cheap) restauants in Tampere so now we have a lot of ideas for our next meeting!

The ninth meeting

The ninth time we met in Merituuli home, I took traditional Chinese spring roll to share with her. We ate together and she teach me some finnish . then we played cards in Finnish way.
Last week I went to Lapland for travel, so I shares the cherish experience with her . I saw reindeers and husky and went to santa claus village and took photo with santa claus. I also bought the famous knife is interesting that finnish guys are enjoy the trip to Lapland.
Then I said something about spring roll to Merituuli. Spring rolls are savoury rolls with cabbage and other vegetable fillings inside a wrapped cylinder shaped thin pastry. From areas such as Zhejiang in eastern China, and northern China. They are usually eaten during the Spring Festival in mainland China, Meat varieties, particularly pork are also popular. Fried spring rolls are generally small and crisp. I bought the spring festival in Asian market and fried them in pan. Merituuli said they are tasty
Then I learned some finnish .

It is ok —–EI se mitään
I am so sorry—-olen pahoillani
Some word in hospital
I have had fever for two days—Minulla on ollut kuumetta
Kaksi päivää
I have a stomachache— Minulla on vatsa kipeä
I have back pain— Minulla on selkä kipeä
I have a headache—- Minulla on pää kipeä
I need to vomit—-Minun täytyy oksentaa
I need painkillels—minä tarvitsen särkylääkettä