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the tenth meeting

I met Merituuli in TAMK. we eat together in school restaurant and talk about what happened recently. Then we come to Merituuli’s home to watch movie.

First we watched Gossip girl. Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. We watched season 6. It begins with Chuck and Blair who part ways after making a pact that they will unite once they both achieve their individual goals. Chuck goes on his way to try to regain Bass Industries from his father who stole it from him while Blair tries to find herself and her individuality by taking over her mother’s company at her mother’s request. I really like Chuck, I think he is handsome and charming. After watching drama, Merituuli taught me some Finnish.

äiti         isä      sisko       veli

mother           father  sister       brother


isoäiti           isoisä              täti           setä

grandmother  grandfather  aunt          uncle


eno           serkku

uncle         cousin

Times goes quickly, I will leave Finland after a month, I really miss the time spend with Merituuli. I learned a lot Finnish culture from her.I am really happy to have so lovely friend.

6th meeting at the cat cafe

For our 6th meeting I was meeting with Tess and Lisanne in the cat cafe Purnauskis in Tammela. I had also my boyfriend’s sister with me who is currently visiting us from Holland so the girls got to exchange some experiences in Dutch and about Finland and Tampere. The cats in the café were cute and laid back,  just casually hanging out at a shelf near the ceiling or jumping on people’s tables for sneaky bites. We enjoyed the place where the cats were clearly taken a really good care of and they had so many places to explore and things to do in that cafe.

We were discussing the Finnish spring and weather: how it changes and it’s almost impossible to know what the weather will be like next week in the spring time.  Probably cross-country skiing is now out of the question for the rest of the spring at least, as at the moment almost all the snow has gone – such a shame as the girls wanted to try but we were quite busy and were not able to agree on a time to meet ever when there would have been a good weather to go skiing. The girls had recently also had their families and/or boyfriends over so we disussed on what they have been up to.

I was also on my way to my Dutch class in Ahjola and we were discussing a little bit about that, the quality of teaching and my language learning in general. I also decided I would try and find this Dutch tv-series Penoza dvd box to learn the language while watching tv  😉

This time it was not the most educational meeting as we didn’t do anything very traditional for neither culture but it was still a nice cultural exchange meeting in an exotic environment surrounded by cats.. 😉 Perhaps soon enough, weather permitting, we can go on a cycling trip!


Greetings from Budapest!

It has been about one month since I have arrived to Budapest. The first weeks were little bit stressful and hectic. After first few weeks I have been started to enjoy everyday more and more about Hungary. Actually Budapest is amazing and beautiful city. I like this city because feeling is little bit mystic here and you can see rough places everywhere. Everyday you can find a new low-cost restaurant and enjoy delicious food. Getting around is easy by public trams and metros. You can find here also large parks where you can enjoy the spring.

I have been worked in two different hospitals here. The first one was The Defence Forces hospital and the second one was the National Institute For Medical Rehab. The patients have been mainly the spinal cord injured or they have fractures below the hips. Hospitals are clean and modern. Aids are little bit older than Finland but safe for patients.






I spend my freetime with friends from other cultures and sometimes I have to do some school works. The best thing is that here is a lot of exchange students and I have met students for example from Greece, Turkey and Italy.  In April we will have 3 days trip to Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. It will be cool. Keep in touch! Continue reading Greetings from Budapest!

3rd meeting

In our third meeting we did some traditional German food which was Schnitzel with Kartoffeln. During the cooking and shopping Peter taught me words like:







Beer= olut

I would like to have one beer please= yks olut kiitos.

The result of our cooking experience was quite nice in my opinion.

Fifth meeting 24.3 “Waffles!”

This meeting was at Vohvelikahvila. I’ve never been there before, but it was nice place. I had ice cream waffle there, whipped cream and warm waffle with ice cream on top of it was sweet and tasty. Anyway, we went through vocabulary related to questions like “Do you have plans for Eastern?” and such.

7th meeting

Today after finnish class we had a lunch together and a meeting. Last time we focused on German so today we studied Korean this time. We studied some words and grammar of how to change verbs according to tense. But at first it was hard for me to teach Korean grammar and seemed hard for Carina to learn also. Next time I should study about how to teach Korean more effectively.

After studying, we just talked a lot because both of us didn’t want to stand up. I didn’t want to go class and she didn’t want to walk home. 😀 😀  But it was really great time for me. We also talked about going to Turku and Talline together and studying Finnish for our exam. I think doing something with Carina is always great! ^^

I’m looking forward next meeting to going Turku~~

Easter Sunday

Our last meeting was on Easter Sunday. I invited Mi Hyeon to my flat to bake Easter Striezel together. It is made from a yeast dough with raisins. It’s very common to eat that at Easter time in Austria. I’ve already prepared the dough before Mi Hyeon arrived because the dough needs about two hours to rise the volume.

After baking we started to continue counting in German and Korean. Mi Hyeon remembered almost every number, she’s a really good student 😉 So I decided to start introducing her to German grammar, which is quite difficult. We tried to form some easy sentences which brought us to articles. I didn’t know if there are rules for gendering because native speakers know mostly intuitively the article for the noun. So I started to read a bit about the grammar in German and figured out that there are a few rules but mostly you have to memorize the article. Therefore I taught Mi Hyeon some verbs and nouns including the article.

We spend a lot of time with baking, eating and studying German so we decided to focus on Korean at our next meeting. I’m looking forward to it.

Food tasting meeting !

For this meeting, our team has decided to share our culinary origins. Indeed, it is a main important point who represent a country; it’s why we did that.

France is very known for her gastronomy, and personally I am very interesting about this kind of culture. It was a pleasure to taste our French cheese like the “Morbier”, “Tomme de  Savoie” and “Comté”. I really like to see the impression of Somaya and Emilia; it a very weird taste for them ! But cheese miss me a lot here, so I was very happy to eat them a little bit !! We explain to them, that to have the best cheese’s tasting you have to eat bread such as “La Baguette” (famous French’s bread) with a glass of red wine. It is usually how we do in France. We also wanted them to discover some famous dishes like “Fondue”, “Tartiflette” etc … They were a little bit surprised by some of them.

We also taste a very famous finish candy : Salmiakki. It looks like  licorice but it is more salt. Personally, I liked a lot. Furthermore, we have eaten : chocolate with peppermint from Fazer. We don’t have this kind of chocolate in France.

Somaya, the German girl told to us some famous dishes such as “Choucroute” a dish with sausage, potatoes and cabbage (but I already knew), Bauernfruhstuck = “Peasant’s Breakfast”, Spázele … I have noticed that all the dishes have potatoes !!

I really enjoy this meeting; indeed I have learnt many new things about culinary from Finland any German and I have really liked to share French food.

IMG_5191  French girls are so happy to share their cheese !!

IMG_5192  Famous finish candy, very sweet !!



5th meeting with Iva🍭

Yes! yes.yes….Today is a perfect day. Yesterday was Iva’s birthday. I knew that already!!!!But I didn’t tell her about congratulations. Because I prepared special gift for her!!!!!!When we meet at bus stop today, I still act like I don’t know about her birthday….But!!!!!!! I gave you a gift as soon as we get on the bus. We looked really happy!!!!!!!! So i also rally happy😛bahahhaahahha Anyway we went to a ‘passion bar’ to drink some beer. It was nice place. Because as people know,(or Only My think..)we need some alcohol when we study. hahahahahahahha👍🍻🍺😋 But when we start studying, I was really panicked. Because I can’t remember all about Bulgarian even alphabet!!!!! I said myself that “calm down Anna….it’s not a big dealZzzz”? So I pace myself soon….Meanwhile Iva was doing well. She even made a small notebook for studying Korean!!!!!!!!!!😍 hahahahaha Today we studied about how to write number and month etc in our languge. We did well!!!!!! I felt like i can be a fairy of Bulgarian. When we backed to home, we planed to go jarillo on next meeting. I reeaaaaaaaaly look forward to eat awesome hamburgur. It will be a happiness of 6 euros.🍔🍟🍽image



First meeting

On 14th Feb Sunday, Carina, Eunhye and I met first time. We went to the pyynikki tower and saw the scenery. It was first time for me to go to the top of pyynikki tower and I could see everything in Tampere. Especially there was much snow so I could feel the real Finland.

After coming down we ate donut and coffee. It was delicious and satisfied my expectation. First I and Eunhye learned German. Carina taught basic phrases related to introducing.  There are different pronounciation from Korean so it was hard but also interesting. I tried to pronounce correctly and Carina praised me. But I think i should practice more!

Next we taught her Korean alphabet and Carina studied hard. She tried to practice how to write and pronounce and she did very well! I think I should study how to teach Korean better and easier.

In the next meeting we are supposed to do shopping for Austrian cuisine. I’m so excited to try Austrian food!!