Let the Madness Begin

Ofc, I am a bit late with making a post for our first meeting, right? But still, better late than never :3

Coming to Netherlands, as well as coming to Finland was hard, especially when you have to adapt to the weird language related sounds around you. Therefore, I decided to participate in the Each One Teach One course.

Evidently I am going to teach Russian and study Finnish. The first meeting we had happened in the main TAMK building with a cup of coffee. It was nice, but still a bit tense, since we never met before, however we had an opportunity to introduce ourselves and learn more about each other. The fun doesn’t stop there, as we tried to do it in Finnish/Russian languages and see how the basic phrases work. Furthermore, we started just randomly point at the objects around us and give both Russian and Finnish equivalent to the word. (Kahvi, muki, Perkele D:< )

We blabbered a little about how weird Finnish is and the fact that they have numerous different dialects (which of course differs from the official written language) still keeps me astonished.

Most importantly, we discussed the expectations of the course, what do we want to learn and how are we going to handle our meetings in the future. Looking forward to meeting those guys again, in the less formal space :).

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