Meeting #2: Here we go

Inspired by our first meeting, upon arriving home I’ve downloaded bunch of Russian-Finnish books and ended up never opening them. However, one week passed and it was time for our second meeting. For this one we’ve decide to meet in a cozier atmosphere, homely if I may say, since we chose the place of the Finnish girl (Tiia).

Once everyone arrived we went to the kitchen, where we could get some coffee and start up with our meeting. One of the most awesome things in there is a chalkboard table, which by the end of the meeting was filled with different Russian and Finnish phrases. Tiia kindly prepared some materials and also brought her Russian self-study book, which we used to study both Russian and Finnish basic phrases.

Here are the ones that I still remember and can probably pronounce 😀 :

Hyvää päivää – Good Day – Добрый день
Hyvää huomenta – Good Morning – Доброе утро
Terve! – Привет
Huomiseen – До завтра
Nimeni on Alice – Меня зовут Алиса
Mitä kuuluu? – How are you? – Как дела?
Kiitos hyvää – Спасибо, хорошо
Joo – Да
Ei – Нет
En puhu suomea – Я не говорю по фински

I think the last one is the most important one for now, while I am still in Finland. We threw around some more random phrases, which ended up on a table, but not in my memory. After hour in a half the meeting was over, so we decided to exchange some of the Finnish and Russian music to listen to, when we feel like it.

As a short reminder to my posts, I will put the most important information below:
Studying: Finnish
Teaching: Russian
Meeting number: #2

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