6th meeting, about time

We had some problems for this meeting because none of us were never free, but we finally had a meeting yesterday morning.

We prepared pancakes (again) and we had sunday breakfast together. We ate too many of them but it was such an interesting and delicious meal.

Pancakes with Nesquik
Pancakes with Nesquik

As I told in previous posts I had planned to show Lynn a Spanish TV show with lots of history and cultural referenes, so it was perfect for our Each One Teach One meetings.

So we saw “El ministerio del tiempo” in Spanish with English subtitles while we had breakfast. I stopped the show sometimes to explain some of the cultural references she could not know of.

I think it’s a very interesting show for a foreigner, and you can learn about different periods, not just the current one. She already knows about the painter Velázquez, the Spanish Independence War and some important characters from that period thanks to the show.

She already told me that she wants to see the next episodes.

The show's logo
The show’s logo


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