10.3 Fourth meeting “блины!”

So this is probably my favorite meeting so far simply because I like pancakes. Well, I like ohukaisista/letuista/lätyistä/räiskäleistä, I don’t like pannukakuista, its so confusing that we have so many words for different types of crepes/pancakes. Anyway, yeah, we were making blinis. I haven’t eaten those before, so nice to learn that salty pancakes are still tasty 😀 Anyway, so each of us brought some ingredients for them. I brought salmon roe I just happened to have in the freezer. (Don’t ask why, I don’t actually know why)


Tiia's chalkboard table thingy is pretty great place for recipe :D
Tiia’s chalkboard table thingy is pretty great place for recipe 😀

I think we mostly went through words and phrases related to making food. Anyhoo, blinis were great! I even tried once with the roe, but I learned that I indeed prefer whipped cream to seafood.

After we were done eating blinis, we tried playing some weird card game that was kinda similar to Uno. I think it was “Skip-bo” or something? Anyway, we were really tired at that point, but managed to finish that anyway somehow. We were supposed to say numbers on the cards in Russian/Finnish, but I kept forgetting to do that on my turns :’D

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