5th meeting

Today we met at the ‘Fazer’s cafe’ which is my favorite and I learned numbers in German. First it looked difficult to memorize but very interesting!

0= nulla, 1= eins, 2= zwei, 3= drei, 4= vier, 5= fünf, 6= sechs, 7= sieben, 8= acht, 9= neun,      10= zehn, 11= elf, 12= zwölf, 20= zwanzig, 30= dreißig ( new word “ß” was interesting, it sounds strong S ), 60= sechzig, 70=siebzig, 100= hundert, 1000= tousend.

And it was also intersting that the order to name from 21 to 99 is different from Korea. If i want to tell 21 in German then I should say one and twenty ( = ein und zwanzig ). It was confused but I really enjoyed to learn it today!!

I’m goint to review it tonight so that I don’t forget it 😀

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