Alias at Café Europa

This time we played Finnish board game called Alias. In Alias one team member explains words from word cards to other team member(s). Every recognized word is one point. The only forbidden word in explanations is the word that is being explained. In our version of the game we had 2 minute time limit for each turn and mixed up languages; we explained in English, guessed in Finnish and then translated the words is Spanish. It was really fun.


Here is some of the words we translated

piirileikki – la ronda

hukkua – to get lost – perderse

hukkua – to drown – ahogarse

orava – la ardilla

vahtikoira – el perro guardian

huulipuna – lábiz labial (lábiz =pencil, labial = for lips, lavios = lips)

Last word led us to talk about lip balms. It seems that in Costa Rica the leading lip balm brand, Chapstick, is used as a synonym for lip balm. We also talked about words with double meanings, like hukkua, and words related to sending mail. So, now I know I was supposed to ask for estampillas when I was looking for stamps in Spanish, not stampas as I did.

Looking forward to learning more.

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